Monday, September 28, 2009

Am I too ambitious?

It become one of my wish list for 2010....

Most of the time, when you are so happy on your life; your mind start to think of creative idea. Being a temporary PaMa tonight, giving me a chance to surf on the various site of interesting chalet...Haaa ...and I start to put my dream on it!

Looks funny, but really creative. I really like the idea

Landscaping on small pond, where I can play with my Arowana, surrounded by my Orchid house... Huhhhh...

The bedroom, all wooden-made...mphhh...

The living room

Am I too ambitious.......? Yahhh... but nothing wrong to be an ambitious person right?

To the designer of these chalets, congratulations! Its Amazing!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Diary of a Traveller...

14 September, 2009 - Driving headed to Daro, in my responsibility to "An Honor to Serve"...

Kuala Matu @ 15 September, 2009

Daro, Matu, Dalat, Tanjung Manis and Pulau Bruit are major towns and places in Mukah Division that are common for my visit.

Daro, located more than 100 km from Mukah Town is a busy town in the morning but turns to quiet town in the afternoon. The town that is popular to its Terubok has transformed itself from a cowboy town to a modern town, thanks to the Batang Rajang on its contribution to Daro as one of the major transportation mode to other Division.

Driving through the state trunk road, normally quite in the normal days but busier for the upcoming Hari Raya keep me watching on the "surprise" sometime appear on the left and right of the road. The Igan ferry is busy, where I normally wait for more than 15 minutes but now full to its maximum capacity less than half an hour. The heavy trucks which are restricted to use the roads from 19-27 September for Hari Raya most probably the main factor.

Overnight at Daro, give me new experience too, something very unusual on my traveling. The town where almost 95% compromising of Melanau Muslim, almost all the coffee shops are closed down. I just "tapau" foods at seasonal "Bazaar Ramadan"and bring back to the Eng Soon Lee Hotel, the best hotel (Inn) in Daro. I try to sleep early as my trip tomorrow will be early, but finally I slept at about 2 am (layan cerita hantu).... I called it unusual trip as I travel alone, tapau food for my dinner, everything alone. The good thing is that Daro Town is wireless free, even though the connectivity is not strong even to chat in my face book!

15 September, 2009 - From Matu To Kpg Bruit...

Mppphh.... another new experience for me! I heard about Sg Matu before, and now I have chance to use a speedboat from the "Floating Town" to the "Venice of Sarawak" through the river that I call it as the forgetten hero!

Sg Matu - The forgetten Hero

Sungai Matu @ 15 September, 2009

Sg Matu was the only mode of transportation which link Matu Town to Daro Town before the Matu-Daro State trunk road was constructed. It was the story that I get from my speedboat driver. As the main river on the area, it even served the water supply for the local. By the modernisation of roads and other developments, the river still maintain its heritage as most of the settlements are along this river. However, its functions are slowly taken over by roads and most of the river users now are only the fishermen.

Some kampongs that I could locate are Kampung Bertong, Kampung Sok, Kampung Halud, Kampung Pergau and Kuala Matu. I can feel that each kampong has interesting story on the Sg Matu history.

Kpg Bruit-Kpg Tekajong Road...Good news after 46 years?

A project signboard at Jalan Kpg Bruit-Kpg Tekajong @ 15 September, 2009

Finally, the first tar sealed road on the northern part of the island will be constructed. The project which was handed over to contractor in August this year will be scheduled completed in one year. Patiently waiting, another mega project called "Projek Agropolitan" was planned in the island in order to help the "poorest island in Malaysia" (as how the local called themselves) from their poverty. By the completion of the roads in Pulau Bruit, it will finally connect it to the southern part, which earlier connected to the mainland of Sarawak through two ferry points.

Pleading through windy and wavy strait between Pulau Bruit and mainland is just too normal to scare. But in this today condition, I cannot lie myself that I am really scared. Huhhh!

Kampung Bruit @ 15 September, 2009

Matu to Mukah... the unexpected journey

Two of my experience speedboat operators @ 15 September, 2009

I left Pulau Bruit and Matu, happy with the development and start my journey back to Mukah. As my usual trip, my eyes keep watching on the left and right of the roads as my routine inspections. Too many to do for Matu-Igan Road, just if the Government have the money!

I stop by at an Iban longhouse, a community stall where they sell all the jungle products. I bought three kilos of crab (medium size) which cost ONLY RM 10.00 per kilo and f2 kilos of fresh water prawn (medium size, to me it is big enough), which cost ONLY RM 18.00 per kilo. I start to feel hungry, as I have not take my lunch or even my breakfast! Ohhh... its a real "An Honour to Serve"!

Reach Igan ferry, I experience a scary experience which I never expect (not even dare to expect) to happen to me. However, today will be ended at 12 midnight, and tomorrow I will start my new life again.. Thanks God!

And I believe that I need long vacation now and need rest...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Please save their Life...

As I published earlier on, Tasik Kenyana is so special on its natural habitat for Arowana. I heard lots about it, but only have the chance to see it alive during my last trip last week.

Tasik Kenyana, an osbour lake to Batang Mukah is only reachable by river. That is the only mode of transport to the location, legally. On other aspect (I am not saying it is illegal), the area even reachable by land transport from and to unknown locations! As a gazetted water catchment area, the lake supposed to be the safe place for the rare species of Arowana. However, currently surrounded by Oil Palm Plantations, it is seems now the heaven slowly transformed itself to hell.

Rare species of fish including of Arowana, Belida, and Tapah are just few known species thats are available on the lake.

Kenyana Arowana, sooner to be a history to the lake....

The unlucky ikan belida....

Anybody understand on what she is trying to scream off? She might asking for S.O.S or even looking for her kids.

Unfortunately, this will be the end of her life!

Again, most of us know about it, but nobody cares!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is this funny?

I drive through a rural road in Sarawak today when my eyes caught on this interesting Signboard.... Its look funny to me when I read it on my first impression;


I know that this kampong's name is not Kampung Jalan Berdebu, so I try to understand why did they installed the signboard?

In this few months, or maybe weeks the signboard will be cleared as I believed that they will be more than happy on the upgrading works which scheduled to be started anytime now. That is the rumors that I heard, anyway. Congratulations to the villagers and thanks to Government for fulfilling their hopes!

I make conclusion that the installer of the signboard was not trying to create joke. He might not aware on the good news of the latest information, or they might have suffered the dust for long time..

And this is not funny.....