Sunday, April 26, 2009

Air Trip on Kuching to Mukah

Gold Arawana share his experience on flying through Twin Otter, a 19-seated plane from Kuching City to Mukah....

Fly on average 7,000 ft above sea level gives an impressive view on the relationship between nature and life. No story to tell because my photos are the best story-teller....

One of industrial park at Kuching City.

You will see this whenever your plane is about landing at Kuching Airport, 1st Silicon, one of the leading electronics factory operate in Sarawak.

The river webs of Sarawak, the green jungles are actually a secondary forest

The muddy coastline on the estuary of Sungai Sarawak. Nowhere to see beautiful Beach? The far view on the photo below is Santubong, one of the most popular beach in Sarawak.

The estuary of Sungai Sarawak or some noted it as Muara Tebas...

New Island in the making? I am not very sure, its look dangerous to the ships anyway..

The estuary of Batang Rajang, the journey now take another half an hour to reach Mukah airport

Kampung Rajang at Tanjung Manis

Tanjung Manis, refer to my previous article about this. The far view is the site for Halal Park.

The Batang Belawai and Batang Loba Pulau Bridge under construction This two bridges are important as it will connect Mukah to Sibu.

The Tanjung Manis - Sibu Road under construction, the project that hope to boost up the developments of Tanjung Manis.

Palm Oil Plantation are everywhere, hey... dont forget to pay your tax least help the government to build better roads in Sarawak..

Hmmmpp...where is this area, I cannot locate it. Anyway the scattered settlements in Sarawak is one of the biggest challenge to build roads and other basic infrastructures. And they said, " No problem, we still have the river." But your river are now polluted lah... Its look like the river of coffee or Milo? I mean the colour...

Where are all the big trees? point to keep it there but make sure the returns are for benefit of the rakyat.

The far view is the Dalat Bridge which is under construction. Mukah Division has hundreds of bridges...

The settlements along Batang Oya at Dalat..Hmmppp...its look too congested.

Mukah Polytechnic. Its helf a lot to produce engineers. Belajar rajin-rajin, next time you people are the one who will responsible to develop the jungles surround you...

We are about to land. Can you see the airport? Its on the small piece of land on the far view of this photo.

And we are in Mukah now, thanks pilot! I try to take their photos but unfortunately they have tight schedule to continue their journey to Miri. So, before Mukah Airport transform itself to a bigger airport, you better try this one or otherwise you have no chance to use it anymore.

One last final warning, it a bit shacky in bad weather but keep trust on the pilot.. it is just normal turbulance.. more information, this flight fly twice from Kuching and Miri to Mukah.


Welcome to Mukah...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rejoicing in Pesta Kaul

Gold Arawana on his trip to the biggest celebration of Melanau tribe.....

Celebrated on every April, this festival originally is a spiritual celebration, now turn to a modern celebration but still maintain its uniqueness and its valuable cultural heritage....

The replica of "Tibow" at Kaul Dana Beach, the site for the celebration.

Tibow... The traditional game of Melanau... A must try activity for the first time visitor..

A young family walk passed the giant photo of earlier celebration of Pesta Kaul. By the influence of Christianity and Muslim, it is no more celebrate in original manner but still show the uniqueness of the Melanau cultures.

It is not only celebrates by one community, Iban (Through SDNU Mukah), Bidayuh (Through DBNA Mukah) and Chinese also taking part on this biggest celebration for Mukah Division.

The Colour of Pesta Kaul Mukah 2009

The Cultural Show

TO CONTINUE IN PART 2 ..............

Mukah New Land Mark

Earth breaking ceremony by YAB Chief Minister on 25th March, 2009; Mukah New Administration Center will become another landmark for Mukah Town.

The Site is located meters away from the state complex, Menara Pehin Setia Raja. Understand that this office to be five or eight storeys (my information might not conform) will also accomodate the RECODA, the leading agency for implementing the projects under Sarawak Corridor for Renewal Energy (SCORE).

This banner is everywhere in town! The proud of Mukah folks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thumps up to this Young Selakau...

Gold Arawana congratulates and wish all the best to this younger generation of Dayak Selakau.........

Located at Food Avenue, just opposite to newly opened Boulevard Hypermarket at Batu 4, Kuching. This three brothers of young Dayak Selakau show the way to the youngsters of Dayak Selakau. And now, I try myself to write in Selakau language than...

Satinggi Bukit Poe, jakoa ugak cita-cita urakng tuha dirik ka anak-anak ke. Satinggi Bukit Poe ugaklah, cita-cita dirik maok majuant dirik Salako. Satinggi Bukit Poe ugaklah, harapant kamudak-kamudak sikolah dirik maok panei sikolah, ampus ka universiti, sikolah tinggi, dudi ari gaji kayak, jaji mentiri...

Koahan angkali kampokng dirik di mijawat basamakant ngan bukit koa, pakei urakng-urakng tuha arek marek dirik parangsang sak dirik Salako maju mansang sabaya ngan bansa lain.

Pamandangan nyian ku ngicakng di Kampokng Paon, kamudak-kamudak sikolah puakng sikolah ngingatant aku ka jaman sikolah ku arek. Bajaant paha, ngalawan angat mantaradek di tangah ari.

Bato dirik kaniak dah ada kasot, gik jaman dea...salepar pun susah ngagoak, batu, karasik, tanah batarabangan ka tubuh sabab maraga masih maraga batu. Munse ninyakh paku atau duri, bukant paha ang ukak tapi, paku koa ang bengkokh, duri patah sabab talapak paha koa taiee babilulang. Buukh pun badiri kana jel samulajadi ampat di dabu maraga....

Dea dirik pucayak sikolah kahe-kahe'e cara maok maju. Batol ugak, aku pun pucayak ugak.

Tapi, bukant kahe cara'e, ngarajaan tanah pun bisnes ugak auk! Manyak udak urakng kaya jaji patani moden. Urakng makant gaji (aya aku ugak), sampe kamie pun anak dapat kaya.

Jek dirik baajar ka ambujakng contoh nyian. Aku pucayak manyak agik dirik Salako ang mudak-mudak jaiya ugak, kreatif & inovatif, jauh pikirant'e. Ankali aku anak kanal, urakng dah karamian giak.

Ang nyian aku kanal giak, ampat di kenek ba sabalahnt rumah....jiran sampe ka tuha kaniak...

Ambujakng talu baradik nyian, angkali manyak dirik ang kanal. Bukant'e anak panei sikolah, iya nyian baajar tinggi, ta'paajar jare nenek arek. Kadare gik napant ba rajaki maok dapat karaja ang sabaya ngan kalulusane.

Iya pun bukant'e bakuli, di tangah-tangah nagari Sobat di Kuching dak idak'e ngagok makant. He he part nyian ang mijawat aku repo nanang....Iya talu miadik batoke ka sandirik...

Aku ka koa minggu lapas, nyacapik sumanan urakng bujakng....boleh tahan. Ame mangap, anak ada kurang tapi konpom labih nyaman dari sumanan Sobat.

Bisnes? Boleh tahan oooo.... Dirik nahuik Boulevard Kuching koa salalu manyakh urakng ampus "shopping". Maam ari memang susah maok ngagok tampat dudukh. Ka gerai ayukng dirik nyian pun anak kurang'e, bajebotant, babaris urank'ng ngicakng oder. Maksute kahe segek, nang boleh tahanlah...

Abang'e ang tuha nyian jaji "mastermind". Ba toke ka sandirik labih sanang. Munse rajint, taba ugak dompet. Ngantik'ant nak karaja ka urakng, ka parentah anak suah dirik nangar urakng jaji kaya. Kahe cara'e maok labih, karaja sandirik...mijawat bisnes jare urakng. Kenekh pun nak mea, asal puihant ne manyak..

Ame ngantiant subsidi agik, dah anak sangape dapat di arap. Karajaan damea ang patut asal duit tamak....

Jek dirik sabaya-baya nyokong bisnes ayukng-ayukng dirik. Sanang ajak, ampus ka Food Avenue di Batu Ampat, Kuching. Tamak ada nanang lampu biru ka gerai'e, iyalah koa.

Ada ugak tulisan sobat, tapi ame kitak kataik kata Laut, misti kataik kata Salako boh....Memang pun iya Salako!

Ka Nelson, Aseng, Kiong ngan sape sekok koa...Balalang.... Keep it Up! My two thumps up for this young Selakau...

Good job and wish you all the best!

Friday, April 10, 2009

River and Life (Batang Rajang Part 2)

Gold Arawana Continue his journey on Batang Rajang.....

My journey continue from Sibu to Kapit....

Kapit...Here I come. Kapit Town (Above) and Terabai (shield), one of the land mark for Kapit Town.

Sibu to Kapit

As my journey continues, I used a bigger express boat, sitting in the first class which cost me about RM 30.00 which I cannot differentiate the specialties compare to second class and the economy class. As usual, I think the special is that the seats are less than the second and economy class.

As I go further, it discovers the different view from my first journey. The fishermen boats are almost none, tug boats carrying everything; vehicles, logs, construction materials, etc…take place. For Kapit are totally not accessible by roads, rivers still play the important roles here. With the expensive cost for transportations, the end users have to pay more for the products. And they are the Kapit folks.

The towns civilization is slowly disappear for the first half an hour, longhouses becoming dominant and appear on the left and right of the river. Speedboats are also disappearing, and the longboats, which accommodate about ten passengers take place. Some of them had seen having their bath on the riverbank and on the other side another man fishing for his daily meals. It is common view from Sibu all the way to Kapit. More and more log ponds also appeared, taking off the treasure of Sarawak. The river is now more congested, similar to the view on the highway. Smaller boats and long boats plead on nearer to the riverbank, meanwhile, the bigger boats on the middle of the river. There are no special traffic rules here, I guessed.

About one hour, the surroundings are change, from the type of plants to the topography. Hills are everywhere, and the river is getting narrower. There are no plantations, but the small farms of pepper, paddy and mix fruit trees are the common marks that there are settlements nearby. Kanowit and Song are two major towns on the along the “highway”, unfortunately, I don’t have any special stories to share on this two towns. As I pass by the towns, I didn’t see any specials. The towns however are full with longboats on its jetties.

At most settlements, river is for everything; transportation, foods, drinks as well as the toilets.

Finally, I reached Kapit, a small town in a rural area which I believed has lost his identity as a natural world as per my first impressions. However, the journey for the river is not yet finished. As informed to me, it needs another three to four hours journey to Belaga, the nearest town on the upper stream. Here, other tribes in Sarawak, the Orang Ulu which compromising of few smaller tribes are dominating. As for this trip, I spend my valuable three days here, at Kapit.

The hopes

Kapit is the only major town in Sarawak that not yet connected by roads. Roads is there, constructed by the logging company for their own used but not advisable for public used. The hope is there, that one day the people in Kapit will enjoy the same facilities as in other Divisions. To date, river is the only mode of transportation to Kapit. I keep questioning myself. Is the treasures of the jungles and other Sarawak natural resources still not enough to built roads to Kapit? Perhaps, Kapit needs more attention on road developments, and Sarawak itself needs attention on the roads upgrading. If the topographical is the reason, I dont understand if the engineering technologies today cannot overcome the problems. I better keep silence or somebody will axe me..

The natives are still depending very much on the rivers for their daily activities. In most places along the river, human activities on the forest have shown the effect. Land slide seems on the riverbanks, and some are right on the longhouses. As the forest is getting less and less, I believed that the river will be crueler on his riverbank in the future.

As reported in newspaper past few weeks, fish are dying, floating at one of the river in Kapit. For unclear reason, there might be possible that the river will also finally kill the human populations. Kapit is still popular for his trademark “Empurau”, which cost about RM 300.00 per kilogram. For my third visits to Kapit, I haven’t seen this “gold” fish and I wish some day I will meet them alive, playing on the clear water of Kapit. It might be impossible to see them at Batang Rajang, but other virgin rivers are haply still there and welcome them as their permanent living creatures.

After three days in Kapit, I return back to Daro on the same route. My conclusion is that, river is really need protections, the peoples and the other living creatures on its surroundings need to be protected as well.

As more developments needed for Kapit, we cannot deny that the natural beauties have to be sacrifice. However, let we balance the developments and the nature so that it will be equilibrium on it. As all the tribes in Sarawak are crying for the equals among them, the river perhaps crying the same so that they will be more appreciated as part of this world and not the victims of cruel and greedy human beings.

Not yet finished?... Kapit is not the ending point for Batang Rajang. Maybe some other day, Gold Arawan journey to discover another beauties of Batang Rajang...