Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sg Tengkorak ????

Photo by Nwo.... one of my best friend at Nangkat Salako

Tidak dapat dipastikan bila jambatan ini disiapkan, atau lebih sesuai dikatakan dinaiktaraf dari jambatan sementara kepada jambatan konkrit. Jambatan itu tidahlah besar kerana hanya menyeberangi sungai kecil yang bisa diseberangi dengan berjalan kaki sahaja. Bagai manapun, dengan kemajuan yang ada, hampir semua penduduk memiliki kenderaan sendiri, jambatan adalah yang paling sesuai. Terima kasih kerajaan di atas keprihatinan anda!

Asalnya adalah jambatan kayu atau balak, merupakan satu-satunya jambatan di sepanjang Jalan ke Kampung Pueh yang menghubungkan beberapa buah kampung ke pekan terdekat. Paling menarik adalah jambatan ini menandakan bahawa anda berada di kampung saya, Kampung Siru Dayak!

Sebelum ini, jambatan ini tidaklah sepopular sekarang kerana sungai itu sendiri adalah lebih penting berbanding dengan jambatan itu sendiri. Terlalu banyak nama, orang Salako memangilnya Batangan Siruk (Sg Siruk) dan ada yang menggelarnya Sg Takorok. Yang menghairankan dan menariknya adalah, nama baru yang dipaparkan pada papan tanda tersebut iaitu Sg. Tengkorak. Ini memberikan jambatan ini nama yang popular terutamanya di kalangan generasi muda. Saya tak pasti kenapa!

Sebagai orang muda, yang kurang mengetahui sejarah dan asal-usul sungai berkenaan, saya tidak pastilah sama ada itulah nama sebenar Sungai tersebut. Yang pasti adalah menarik untuk mengetahui nama di sebalik jambatan tersebut, sama ada ianya betul atau kesilapan mencetak pada papan tanda perlu diperbetulkan agar tidak menghilangkan identiti sungai tersebut. Bagi penduduk kampung, sungai tersebut sangat penting untuk pengairan yang mengairi tanaman dan dusun mereka, selain beberapa adat istiadat kaum Salako seperti "bersunat" dan sebagainya. Semasa kecil, itulah satu-satunya sungai yang saya kenali, tempat mandi-manda kerana airnya yang jernih dan menyegarkan.

Sekiranya nama Sg Tengkorak adalah betul, menarik untuk mengetahui cerita di sebalik nama tersebut. Sekiranya tersalah letak, adalah juga menarik kiranya nama sebenar diletakkan pada sungai tersebut. Saya tidak tertarik untuk menuding jari ke atas kesilapan sesiapa, tetapi saya tertarik untuk memperbetulkan keadaan dan mengetahui nama yang sebenar.

Tengkorak (skull)? Nama yang terlalu lucu tetapi semestinya mempunyai cerita menarik di sebalik nama tersebut yang perlu diceritakan!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gold Arawana's thought of the month....


Friday, August 21, 2009

Farewell dinner to Sue...

A tribute to my former right-hand lady, Ms Noor Susielawati Ismail....

Being in the department for more than four years, she finally made his final decision to leave for a "better future". Working in a big department which was formed more than 120 years ago, we have formed a good and efficient teamwork, swimming up and down together, for Mukah we work from zero to its way to hero (hopefully). When the chance is there, why should you wait? So....... just go ahead my friend!

It might be just a simple farewell dinner, but its bring thousands or millions of tributes to her, who was contributing her very best for department and colleagues.....

Boss do the "Umai Breaking" ceremony... and lets start...

Ehem..ehem... Still talk about office works on the dining table kah?
Works will never end...

Boss talking, the rest are listening... Noor Sue is smiling for her brighter future, maybe....(:-])...
"Wish you good luck and all the best... We hope that you could change your decision to leave!"

How is the crab? Too hot lah...
Seafood was her favorite food in Mukah... Hu hu

A hero among three beautiful ladies....He should be proud of it... This is the first time we having our group photo together or maybe the only one ehh... I cannot remember

Which one is Gold Arawana?
As a tribute to her, Gold Arawana appear for the first time on his own blog and he is the lucky hero...He he...

To all my staff: I am proud to be in the team indeed! Even though functioning as a small Unit, all of you have contributing full effort and shown that size doesn't matter! And we survived without full resources! Thanks God, I have a new hero now (this time right-hand man), not to be as replacement but as a continual works to the great works she have done...


To Ms Noor Susielawati, wish you all the best and thanks for your contributions (working with us, not working for us),and sorry kalau ada apa-apa yang tersilap.. Remember this, nobody could stop you on achieving your goals... Cheers!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Orchid Collection 2- Yellow Colour

"Borneon" type. Expensive and difficult to plant. They are wonderful.... Do I need to elaborate more?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Orchid Collection - White Colour

No specific words to describe... to my eyes, they are beautiful....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

To all the "Sheeps"...

Chinese Horoscope - This article is given to me by my Colleague, who are now transferred and live happily in Kuching....

Photo from

This article is dedicated to all the sheep, those who born 1919 (Earth), 1931 (Metal), 1943 (Water), 1955 (Wood), 1967 (Fire), 1979 (Earth), 1991 (Metal), 2003 (Water), and 2015 (Wood)......

Also known as the Goat and the Ram, The Sheep is is a gentle person, caring and compassionate. They are quiet when hurt, are strongly family oriented and being born under the sign of art, love beautiful things...

The sheep is the most feminine of the twelve animal signs. Sheep are thought by the Chinese to be harbingers of peace. Sheep are pacifist by nature, only becoming militant in order to restore harmony, and are quick to react against conflict to bring peace. Sheep love the good life, and their dislike for aggression and love for peace stems more from their love of fine things and the realization that to enjoy these things, peace is required.

As aesthetic people, rams love to make a show of things. They make ideal performers, and are seldom bashful in front of a crowd - indeed, rams thrive when all eyes are turned on them. They have a strong tendency to roam, and for this reason need guidance, or in extreme cases, tethering!

The Sheep in 2009: Year of the Ox

Ox year is your most challenging year of all the signs as Ox is your opposite and you will be uncomfortable with all that is expected of you. Meditation, spiritual and creative pursuits will help you through the year. Try not to take on more than you can handle as you could suffer from anxiety and stress. It is time to curb your spending and "neither a borrower nor a lender be" as financial matters will not be successful for you. All matters financial, relating and career will take a turn for the better in Tiger year, 2010. This year keep a low profile and associate with those you know you can trust. Lucky gemstone for the Goat is the Emerald which symbolizes the mother of all Goddesses. It will bring wealth, love, self knowledge and mental clarity to Goats. Your most compatible signs are Rabbit, Pig, Horse, Monkey, and Dog and your most fortunate months are January, March and May.....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

You Are At The TOP....

Adapted from the book of "What I learned on the way to the top" by Zig Ziglar

You know you're at the top when;

(i) You've made friends with the past, are focused on the present, and optimistic about your future.

(ii) You have made friends of your adversaries and have gained the love and respect of those who know you best.

(iii) You are filled with faith, hope, and love and live without anger, greed, guilt, envy, or thoughts of revenge.

(iv) You know that failure to stand for what is moally right is the prelude to being the victim of what is criminally wrong

(v)You are mature enough to delay gratification and shift your focus from your rights to your responsibilities

(vi) You love the unlovable and give hope to the hopeless, friendship to the friendless, and encouragement to the discouraged

(vii) You know that success doesn't make you, and failure doesn't break you

(viii) You are at peace with God and man

(ix) You clearly understand that failure is an event, not a person; that yesterday ended last night, and today is your brand-new day

(x) You know that "he who would be greatest among you must become the servant of all"

(xi) You are pleasant to the grouch, courteous to the rude, and generous to the needy because you know the long-term benefits of receiving

(xii) You recognize, confess, develop, and use your God-given physical, mental, and spiritual abilities to the glory of God and for the benefit of mankind

(xiii) You stand in front of the creator of the universe, and He Says to you, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kering, Api, bakar, jerebu, dan...

Gold Arawana membebel tentang Cuaca Kering, api, bakar, jerebu, dan...PENYAKIT!

Hari yang normal bagi saya, setelah menghabiskan masa yang panjang untuk tugasan rasmi di luar stesen. Dengan harapan agar hari ini adalah hari yang baik, semangat berkobar untuk berbakti kepada rakyat, sempena penyerahan rasmi tag "An Honour To Serve" untuk dipakai sepanjang masa bertugas.

Terkejut? Tidak juga, kerana dalam perjalanan balik dari Sibu ke Mukah yang mengambil masa dalam 3 jam (My driving standard normally about 4 hours), melalui jalan yang gelap pada awal pagi (I means at 1 in the morning), hanya ditemani oleh pemandu sahaja. Dalam keadaan cuaca baik ketika ini, bulan memang sentiasa muncul, menerangi seluruh bumi. Tapi kali ini agak berlainan, bulan muncul umpama gerhana bulan yang terakhir sekali saya saksikan 23 tahun yang lepas. Tapi itu adalah tiga hari yang lepas...

Hari ini keadaan lebih teruk, kerongkong terasa sakit, mata gatal dan udara di sekitar terasa seperti Mukah terbakar. Pewangi pada waktu ini mungkin agak laris jualannya, untuk menghilangkan bau asap. Saya tidak pasti. Yang pasti, saya bencikan keadaan ini, nak bernafas pun susah, huhhh... udara pun nak kena belikah?

Seperti biasa saya menaiki lif ke Tingkat 7, masuk lif, keluar lif, masuk pejabat, keluar pejabat...semuanya bau asap. Macam mana nak kerja...Agaknya penghawa dingin pun terkena jangkitan "penyakit" asap. Di sekeliling, segalanya samar.. Hampir-hampir saya ingatkan masih subuh..tapi jam saya dan jam dinding menunjukkan masa yang sama...pukul sembilan pagi!

Kebakaran di sepanjang jalan Mukah ke Dalat...

Kebakaran di sepanjang jalan Mukah ke Balingian... Ini kebakaran yang berlaku di tepi jalan, belum lagi di kawasan pendalaman Sarawak di atas nama pembangunan tanah untuk perladangan. Siapa nak dipersalahkan agaknya ya? Agaknya jerebu ini datangnya dari Kalimantan, Indonesia. Itu jawapan yang paling ideal.

Beberapa tempat selepas kebakaran, yang paling menerima akibat yang besar adalah kemudahan utiliti di mana paip air yang di pasang di sepanjang jalan tersebut (HDPE pipe), yang sepatutnya untuk membekalkan air bersih kepada penduduk luar bandar turut terbakar. Nasib baik tiang elektrik tu tak terbakar.. Kalau tak, bergelaplah jawabnya..

Dalam perjalanan pulang dari Balingian, sebuah kereta Bomba dilihat dipandu laju, mungkin untuk bergegas ke beberapa tempat kebakaran. Terima kasih Bomba!

Adakah itu memadai? Hari ini, keadaan lebih teruk, API (Air Pollutant Index) untuk Sibu dikatakan melebihi 15o yang dikategorikan sebagai merbahaya... huhhh...kerongkong rasa sakit, dua sudu teh ubat batuk(seperti yang doktor selalu sebut, walaupun sudu itu adalah sudu yang saya gunakan untuk menyuap nasi), melemahkan saya... Saya tak suka makan ubat, kalau tak serius.

Ada juga saya terbaca artikel, 900 kawasan di Sarawak dikatakan sebagai "hot spot", dan lebih kurang 25 ke 30 saman telah dikenakan setakat ini ke atas pembakaran terbuka! Should I make my comment on this? No! I am not the correct person indeed!

Kesan yang bagus adalah saya mengurangkan kadar merokok, rokok ditinggalkan di luar rumah agar saya tidak terlalu banyak merokok. Yang pasti....Asap rokok saya jauh lebih baik dari udara yang saya hirup ketika ini!

Sehingga saya memaparkan blog ini, dalam rumah pun segalanya bau asap, setiap dua minit, batuk memang tidak lari dari kerongkong....

Ahhhh...Can somebody please deal with it! Itu Kuasa Tuhan!

Janganlah kebebasan saya untuk menghirup udara segar pun dirampas... Hu hu!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gold Arawana joined Face Book...

Its better late than never, right? He he...

Gold Arawana now is a member of Face Book effectively on 1st August, 2009. For record, Ten facts about my Face Book;

(i) First person inviting me to Face Book is Michelle Ho
(ii) First person add in to my friend list is Stephanie SHK
(iii) First person chat with me in Face book is Mahatdir Jokeni
(iv) First person leaves a comment at my Face Book is Muhammad Pitrah
(v) First person sent message to my Face Book is Saiful Ambar
(vi) First person to chit chat through comments is Saiful Yazan Rambli
(vii) First person accepted my friend request is Bernard Chong
(viii) I used my real name and my real photo too (even though an old one)... Hu hu
(ix) I used my mail, similar to my Blog
(x) I met my classmates and get their contact numbers after 13 years through Face Book

Thanks and see all of you there....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Older Faces of Mukah....

Gold Arawana Photos collection on towns in Mukah in 1980's and 1990's...

All the photos are the collection of Mukah Residen Office for the compilation of Mukah development magazine....For those familiar with Mukah will be the witness on transformation of this small fishermen town to a Smart City of Sarawak....

Old Town of Mukah... It was destroyed in few series of great burning, and now becoming the public car park..

The Cowboy era of Mukah Town...

Matu Town in 1990's... The black river on far view of this photo is Sg Matu, the only transportation mode linking Matu and Daro on earlier age...

Daro Town in 1990's...River still the best transportation mode for this town...

Dalat Town in early millennium..

Dalat in Cowboy era...

Belawai Village... or now better known as Tanjung Manis, a new District in the making..

Balingian, a sub-district to Mukah... some say that it will be the future Oil Town of Sarawak..