Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It’s Hard to Think, Understanding is Even Harder

Gold Arawana Sharing of his thinking and understanding on The Various Issues on 18 December, 2008....

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It is almost 2 am when I wake up this morning. It is not normal; I wonder if my health is in good shape? Otherwise I have to take leave for medical check up which I never made before. Than I remember that it should be OK, I just take my bath and dinner when I watch a discovery channel about “Ecopolis”, and it was about 7 pm! Ohhh…I am too tired, I have forced my body to work hard this few days, just to clear my outstanding works before I take my long leave. I have postponed my leave for three days, which for sure will disappoint my sons. Anyway, sometime we have to sacrifice one thing to get other things better. So, when I resume my works sometimes in early 2009, the upcoming New Year hopefully will give me a better life, prosperity and realization of my dreams. Ha..ha, dream is too beautiful, and that is life. Life without dreams is death, and dreams without life are also death which means that I am just a zombie! That is correct, but life is too short for those who could not appreciate every moments of his life, too beautiful for those who know how to grab all the opportunities and excellence in planning his life. No wonder, all the great philosophers and motivators has creates a parable that the time is gold!

Gold? Than you are wrong! Time is priceless. For olden years, it might be correct. There are no other things which is more valuable than gold! For now onwards, maybe the parable have to change to fuel. Why? 2008 is the year of fuel crisis. Globally, economists talks about the fuel price. Worldwide, the leaders are non-stop quarrellings on the fuel crisis. Nationwide, the leaders and politicians busy on the volatile of fuel price and later the bouncing of good’s price. Most important is that, it almost creates similar hurricane to the country’s economy crisis in 1997. Fortunately, it was not as bad as on the eleven years back. Malaysia has experience on it, which I personally assume that our leaders have more experience and ready with whatsoever bullets to avert it. However, what has happened we have to accept it, even though somebody by right has to be responsible for it! It was all about making a good decision.

Decision? Wahh… I think that I should not think that far. Thinking of so many things give me headache, spurs my hateful to the peoples and my surroundings. Everybody seems to take advantage to each other; the poor become poorer, the rich become richer, the weak become the follower and the strong become the leader, there are no limits! To be on that level, everybody is fighting to grab the power and prosperity. As an observer, not siding either the left or right hand side, this creates a natural scenario. God has creates the good things and there appeared the bad one. God has creates everything in couples which means left and rights have to be balance. Only than we should understand that this world is about love and sharing. The world is not just for a one person, he will not survive. Or otherwise, a lot will be disappointed and confront each other.

Disappoint? Yes of course, If you try to understand to too many things. Thinking of too much inconsequential matters is wasteful. However, not to think and try to understand the important issues related to us is stupid! The best word maybe is selfish. Selfish or “Kia Su” in Chinese (I cannot remember of which dialect of Chinese) is sometimes good. So, for those who interested to understand on this word should read the “Dare to Fail”, wrote by a good Malaysian author. I just read it once, but I cannot remember the author name, maybe it was Billi P.S. Lim… To not remember others name is a bad habit anyway... Ha ha. At least if you know your chances earlier, than you will not too much disappoint. Learn from squirrels, who always build their den at the highest canopy so that if he falls, he will fall to the second higher canopy and not directly to the ground. Wahh.. I start to become a philosopher now… Ha ha

At least I am smiling for a moment. Opppss… not yet man! I have to continue my sleeping or otherwise I cannot feed my car tomorrow. For last two or three days, or maybe for the whole week, there was a long queue of vehicles at Shell’s Pump Station. For this rural area, there were only three petrol stations, Shell, Petronas and Esso. Esso already closed for a few years, and Petronas temporary closed for unknown reasons. So, Shell is the only Petrol Station that served thousands of vehicles for the whole town. Monopoly is always not a good practice, right? So, I better stop quarrelling on fuel again. I have so many things to think about, so I better write on other things.

Yaaa…Christmas songs tuned continuously on my headset. Christmas is among the major celebration in Sarawak after Gawai, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. But how many of the Christian really understand on the meaning of Christmas. In fact, most peoples choose to travel on public holiday because that is the only leisure time they have. On my opinion, the modern celebration like the Valentine Day and Father/Mather Day will become major celebration. For me, as a Christian is a hard thing to understand. I supposed to pray for every Sunday. As in Old Testament of my red Bible, which is my best book collection so far, Sunday is the rest day for God. After six days busy creating worlds and its creatures, He rest on the seventh day. That’s why Christian should rest on Sunday and served God. That is my understanding. It’s not too much right? It’s only less than two hours in Church compare to eight to ten hours at office. But for me, most of my Sunday is spend for sleeping, I am hopeless. Remembering and praying to God only on hard time and dreaming well on my pillow on easy time. I have to change!

Change? Its sound like “Together We Change”, the magic sentence that used by Barrack Obama, a new-born historian for his victory to become the next US President. To be a US President is always not an easy task, anyway. The world are putting their eyes and ears to them, either bad or good things. I am not an American, so I cannot understand on the “Change” that he want to make. However, I believe that he will be success as a great leader like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who really fights for the peace and freedom. For our country, there are still a lot of changes we need, rooms for better improvement are still open! Haiya…talk too much is wasting. My level is just on “tin kosong”. Frequent changes in our policies are opaque. I am not trying to understand others point of view on this. Frequent changes on the education, national language and sports are terrible. In education the usage of Bahasa Malaysia (Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu?) as our national language is change for a few times. For my opinion, in order to become a develop country, we have to be firm to our vision. Bahasa Malaysia is important to unite our Multi-cultural country. In sport, the quota for the import players is also change frequently. “This year you can take for four.” The Mr Minister Said. “Next year you cannot even single.” The Mr. Minister said again. “EPL and European or even the Japanese League are far better than us, so the players. And it is far away to compare to the Malaysian League” A fan said. A historian than said, “In 1970’s, Malaysia can beat Korean, Japan, and other countries in South East Asia. But now our world ranking is far below them.” So, what I see is confusion! The leader is confuse, what to say the public and ordinary people who no nothing about sport like me? Too much try and error policy is not a good practice, boss. I try to tell one of my superior.

As a conclusion, thinking too much on the surroundings can easily give you a regret feelings and disappointments. However, the way of thinking among us is totally different. Some can easily, think and forget. For most people, to think and understand is always the toughest part. The only way of expressing the thinking and feelings is spitting it out in modesty and honestly. Giving opinions are not means that you are against somebody; they might take it for improvements. Nobody is perfect, I might be wrong or I might be correct. So now, I can enjoy my next part of sleeping…

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