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15 BOMBSHELLS of 2008

2008 Christmas has gone. The celebration of the biggest event in the world is always the milestone for the year end. For those who already grab their dreams and efforts with flying colors, they have very reason to thanks and say good bye to 2008 and begin the New Year with a big smile. For those who failed, they also have very reason to celebrate the New Year and hope that their efforts will be worth in 2009. Of course, they also have to thank 2008 for giving them good lessons for cogitation and improvements for better life. Some even have already their calendar on what and when to do checklist for 2009. The Year of 2008 being classified by the Chinese calendar as the year of Rat. On my understanding, rat means coward. They will be around in the dark, eats whatever they can and ran away in the lights or in the appearance of cats. The Ox year of 2009 hopefully will give better life to those who do not like the rats! For English calendar, which used as international calendar, January is always the month of planning, June is the month of reviewing and December is the month of measuring the performance. So, whatever it is, either you believe it or not, either you like it or not, 2008 has appeared to create histories and bombshells.

Some may said that 2008 leaves them with great memories, but personally I think most will say that 2008 is the year of bombshells. I try to reveals some of major shocking in the history for 2008. Anyway, there are of course other important things for others. So, please do not try to compare on it!

1. Bombshell 1: Malaysian General Election

March 2008 will be remembered by the Malaysian for the shocking result of Malaysian’s 11th General Election. Many would predict that the ruling government will easily won and form the new government. Some even predict that they will topple Kelantan; the only state government belongs to the opposition. However, the result has turned the traditional strong fortress of BN when PR win in five states namely Kelantan, Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang. They even lost their two-third majority in parliamentary seats; thanks to their partners in Sabah and Sarawak who still give the strong support to the BN.

The political change following the general election portrayed the ruling government either from BN or PR being more transparent, and it has been able to fulfill its commitment to bring a better service to the peoples.

In Sarawak, who will have their next state election is the interesting parts to watch. So, either the general election will expand the results to Sarawak is a big question marks. Anyway, the strong two-coalition system hope will really give a better future for Sarawak.

2. Bombshell 2: Scenario in Leadership

The General Election also leaves a big impact on the leadership scenario in Malaysia, both on BN parties and PR parties. The leaders for opposition was traditionally from DAP but now changes to PKR who won more seats on the elections. Other parties are decided to change their leaderships following the election. However, the most interesting parts are the sacrifice of UMNO President and our beloved PM who decided not to contest UMNO Presidency post for the next election. This will give way to other members, who traditionally will become the next PM. The same scenario happened to the opposition when DS Wan Azizah sacrifices his seats and position to give way to his husband, DSAI.

I am not a political analysis and also not involved in any of them, so I better not to too descriptive on this matter. However, as a Malaysian, to know on the ongoing politic scenario in my one and only country is a must and interesting. For the smooth transition of the powers, I have to pay my respect to all the leaders. Thanks for the peace!

3. Bombshell 3: Volatile of Fuel Price

The volatile of the global fuel price has forced Malaysian Government to jack up the National price. The interesting is that, this is the highest in the Malaysian history! Luckily after a few months in suffers, the Malaysian enjoy the good news for the drops of fuel price significantly. This is again a big surprised as the price being reduced for seven times this year! Another history created for Malaysian Book of Records! Depression on financial crisis is expected to have big impact on the coming year ahead. Cheaper price of daily needs shall be the top wish lists, and lowering on the fuel price has yet to see on the lowering on the good’s price. However, the effect of the fuel price still strongly affected the good’s price and excused of old stock cannot be acceptable by the layman. And the consumers still have to suffer on this. Hope the Ox Year will come with good news on this matter.

4. Bombshell 4: Victory of Barrack Obama

The “world leader” has their presidency election in 2008 where Barrack Obama, a black has won it to become the first black president. Before, many predict that blacks will never occupy the white house, but this election has broken the rules. His victory even has shown to the world that US has their equality in racial. For Malaysia, with build up from more than 30 ethnics, this might be a good lesson. US have formed their country for hundred of years and Malaysia is just for less than seventy years. There is still a big for improvement in our national unity. However, whoever the Malaysian are the will proud of our peace and harmonic country. This is for sure.

5. Bombshell 5: Landslide of Bukit Antarabangsa

This not the first time for the landslide to cost life and billions of RM. Unfortunately, care have not been taken to prevent it to be happened again and again. However, that is not fair to point on each other to what have been happened. This is the power of nature, when the “mother of disaster” has shown her anger. I do believed that there is nothing wrong to develop the hills area, as long there is balancing on the engineering laws and the nature desires. Anyway, I also do believe that we have our expert on this. And I am nobody to talk more on this.

6. Bombshell 6: Terrorists attacks on Mumbai

Everyone knows that it is almost impossible to eliminate to these senseless atrocities as long as there are bigoted people who used religion and racial sentiments for their agendas. I not try to point on one race or one religion. Terrorist is not pointing only to one race or one religion, please! What happened in Mumbai in 2008 is a strong indication that young people have to brain-washed to do things they perceived as right despite the general condemnation of killing innocent civilians and destroying public utilities.

In global, those who concerned with world affair would like to see a lowering of conflict among the countries. There must be a big prayer throughout whatever religions that one day the world will realize that human race is better off talking rather than fighting each other. It would be more worth if the world together in fighting the cross-border disease and general human issues on global warming etc. The most important thing is this world is all about sharing, and there is no other place proofed to be a better place to stay than on the peace world!

7. Bombshell 7: Corridor

There were four or Corridors throughout Malaysia, launched by our Prime Minister for mega developing on certain areas of the country. As for Sarawak, 2008 has been a very significant year which has brought one of the most important events in anal of Sarawak’s history – the launching of Sarawak Corridor Renewal Energy (SCORE). SCORE which heralds the advent of the second wave of development for the state was launched by YAB PM in Bintulu on February, 2008. This gigantic development area stretches from Similajau in Bintulu Division to Tanjung Manis in Mukah Division. SCORE hopes will offers great investment and job opportunities both to the locals and foreigners.

So, it was actually a history for Sarawak. I cannot remember either this is the biggest fund for Sarawak since independence. Some says that it just another politic gimmick! Whatever it is, hope that this mega project will really develop the central region of Sarawak, which was no doubt needs more attention for developments.

8. Bombshell 8: Kidnapped of Malaysian Vessel

I was shocking as I was personally thinks that pirates being extinct! I try to imagine the modern pirates, which might be totally different from my favorite popular pirates’ heroes, the Captain Hook and Robin Hood. It was not funny, anyway.

The real cause of the kidnap is unknown. But for sure they do it for money of course. In Robin Hood era, they do it because of life strain. Being in poverty, nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep, meanwhile the rich having their prosperous parties, good foods to eat, and castle to sleep. History has taught us that oppression will lead the weak become stronger. Have I written a sentence about the Goth?

However, on what happened to our vessels also happened to other countries. The most important is that this lead to a stronger co-operation between the countries for the peace!

9. Bombshell 9: Olympic Games

Either it was shocking or not, personally our athletes’ performances are still far behind the expectations. Many predict that Malaysia will bring their first Olympic gold medal at least in Badminton. Unfortunately, our champions are acting at China where the athletes have to fight not only against the home champs but also against their home supporters. However, for real champion should fights, handle their emotion, and win! I do believed that our athletes have try their very best to win their events. After all, RM 500k as consolation for the gold medal is not a small amount! Anyway, congratulations to Datuk Lee Chong Wei for at least bring the silver.

What shocking me is the absence of other popular sports like squash and bowling which I predict our athletes in better performance on these. This matter is just too high lever for me to think, so for our athletes all the best for other tournaments in 2009!

10. Bombshell 10: World Badminton Superseries Masters Final

I am just too happy to watch the live telecast on the Final of World Badminton Superseries Masters Final which was held at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Our champions won all the three finals, Men’s Single, Men’s Double, and Women’s double. A feeling that was last appear when we win Thomas Cup in 1992 (if I not mistaken). This hopefully is the sign of revival of Malaysian Badminton squad. Judging on our champions’ age, these might be the best squad so far to bring back the title to Malaysia.

However, the absence of the China squad on the events are perplexity to the real performance of our squad. Whatever it is, hope that the title of “Jaguh Kampung” which is significant to most of our champions will be deleted permanently. A real “Malaysia Boleh” is yet to born, anyway.

Finally, these five bombshells are the high profile and well known by the public. I don’t have the rights to write on it. Anyway, anything happened have its own impact and root course, I guess…

11. Bombshell 11: The Return of DSAI to Parliament and Court
12. Bombshell 12: Datukship Awards
13. Bombshell 13: Pulau Batu Puteh
14. Bombshell 14: Altantuya court case
15. Bombshell 15: Malaysian Judiciary

So for my wish lists, I wish that may this New Year will bring inner peace, benignity and kindness to all humankind.



Anonymous said...

2009 will be more? Just wait and see. Happy new year!

broken shield said...

Idup Gold Arawana! Anak sabar maok maca artikel dayak salako no. 3 koa! Salamat tahutnt barahu 2009, muih duit, padi, baras, anak, cucuk, langkau, stout. Ha ha...

bapak urakng said...

ISA pun bombshell ba? Damea anak di boangan daampt list. Amea-amea pun, manyakant agi nulis hal dirik salako boh!

Gold Arawana said...

Thanks friends for the comments and suggestions.

The article on Dayak Selakau No. 3 will be on the Gawai celebration, on Selakau tradition and culture.

Aku anak kesah maok nulis hal ISA, tapi gaik kadek kana ISA ugak. Of course I want to write more on Selakau, but I dont have the raw informations. Very basic information might lead to misundersatanding on our culture. Anyway, thanks for your support. I promise, more will come after this.

Happy New Year to all of you. Wish you all the best

Anonymous said...

hi gold arawana
can u list the places in mukah, sarawak..? such as kuala kenyana n so on..i would like to know more details about anything related in mukah.THANKS A LOT for that :)

Gold Arawana said...

Thanks Mr Anonymous;

I try my best to provide the informations to the readers. In fact, I am on the process of writing about Mukah, the developments, business opportunities, the lost towns, curtural and interesting events...

Mukah is the second younger Division in Sarawak, mostly covered the swamp area of Sarawak's Central Region. There is still a lot of hidden beauties yet to discover!

Please visit Mukah on April when you can witness the celebration of Pesta Kaul, a Melanau traditional celebration. This pesta is all about the culture of Melanau and other ethnics in Sarawak.

I promise you that I will note this on my next publishing.

Thanks for your comment!

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Hidup nuan engr. Minjo. Agi Hidup Agi Ngelabang! Ada bakat jadi journalistlah. Cuba!

BerN said...

Geee... u forgot our works punya Bombshell... hhahaha. Anyway that's a good archive records.

Gold Arawana said...

Thanks brothers;

Haiya... I just learn to write something, just to spit out my heavy thinking before its explode like what happened to Mumbai.. Ha ha

Anyway, our work loads are bombshell for everyday.. I just cannot record it and ALMOST get used of it. Ha ha ha.. Happy ending