Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Serikin - The Saturday Hypermarket of Sarawak

This is what I called Serikin Saturday Hypermarket. They attract thousands of visitors every Saturday.... good business indeed!

Serikin is under administrations of Bau District in Kuching Division, it is of course not "a place like no other"; a slogan for the Sarawak Tourism. There are another place in Sarawak which I know earlier as Tebedu in Serian. I never been there, but I was told that it was closed due to security reason.

Road tax and law are a day-off....

Serikin business is similar to what we have in Tebedu. A small town, surrounded by hilly area of Bau. Its even not fair to call it town, because the main business is only on Saturday and I am not very sure on Sunday. I have been there twice, first in weekday few years ago where I witness, Serikin is just an ordinary Bidayuh kampong. Travel in gravel road give impression that it might be due to security reason; the idea I get from the authority on the reason of why Biawak Road in Lundu, Sarawak was not upgraded for long time. Serikin, Tebedu and Biawak has similar face, located in the border of Malaysia (Sarawak)-Kalimantan (Indonesia).

Its too hot in the afternoon... should go earlier!

Thanks God, this time I have the opportunity to visit Serikin on Saturday. Surprisingly, I encounter a totally different situation. Driving about half an hour from Bau Town, all the roads up to Serikin are now tar-sealed road. Few locations are Police road block, give me a pleasure and assurance that I will be back from Serikin safely. Moreover, on the left and right of the roads are all types of vehicles, as I was drive at one of the busy road in Kuching City.

Serikin carpark... I think the JKKK easily to get thousands of RM every Saturday.. you even can park your car at first class (private home carpark) of course for a first class bill!

Arrived at Serikin, there was a big car park, I am not very sure either it is belong to private or government and I guess that it is managed by the JKKK. Who ever own this, I actually don't mind to pay them RM2.00 (for the whole day parking) as this I believe this is part of Eco-tourism industry for Serikin. I am proud to be one of the contributor indeed!

Turun harga sikit ya Pak!... or otherwise I go to other shoplah....

Walking down from my car, towards the open-temporary hypermarket is challenging.; its hot and human jammed. Thousands of peoples, I believe to be more than 20 races speaking in their own languages made the hypermarket merrier.

Everything for business... including of leeches...

Looking for anything? And you will find everything! Most of the products are brought by our friend from Indonesia, which are allowed to trade here only on Saturday. I should bring a lorry!

Everything...including of my favourite Manchester United's shirts...

Most people will judge quality on its value. That is not important here, in Serikin. In fact, ask for cheaper price and demands. Or otherwise, you can go to other shop!

The lesson I get is that; government has really serious in promoting Serikin as the Saturday Hypermarket. Try to ask peoples, throughout Sarawak and they will tell you at least a little story about Serikin.

And I wish that more and more rural area so-called Rural Growth Center (RGC) to develop at Sarawak. Congratulations to the Serikin people for your excellent efforts!

Looking for souvenirs?


kiawarman said...

Vcd "wayang malam" pn manyak ugak dinyua di sia :)

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Wa, bila masa you pergi Serikin? Mum next time we kebetulan di Kuching sila bawa aku pergi sekali.

For sure banyak itu kraftangan kat sana.

Gold Arawana said...


Ha ha ha... macam-macam ada...

Gold Arawana said...

Brader Toh;

Banyak kraftangan ... kita boleh aturkan rancangan nanti..