Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lundu - Another Beach Paradise in Sarawak

Gold Arawana on his visit to Siar Beach, Lundu, Sarawak....

Lundu, a district to where I born and growing up is about one hour drive from Kuching City. Most visitors will remember Lundu as a home of Rafflesia (a giant seasonal wild flower). First time visitors, if less information would not know that the real strength for Lundu is its beautiful beaches.

Yesteryears, Lundu was an isolated town which only accessible 16/18 hours from other parts of Sarawak. Ferry operations was from 6 am to 10 pm or sometimes extend to 12 midnight on Gawai or Hari Raya Festival. Nowadays, bridge being constructed, means that Lundu now is accessible 24 hours which easily could be visited by city folks of Kuching and enjoy the natural beauties of Lundu and Sematan.

Driving from Kuching to Lundu are Bidayuh kampongs on the left and right of the one and only one lanes highway in Sarawak connecting all the major towns from Sematan to Lawas. To know that you reach Lundu is easy, the visitors will be welcomed by Gunung Gading where you can find Rafflesia (if you are lucky). Remember this, turn right on a T-junction or otherwise you will go straight to Sematan or my Kampong at Kampung Siru/Kampung Pueh. Its ok anyway, because this three places have their own unique tourist attractions which I believe will definetely bring you to come again for your second visit. I have publish about Sematan, and in future I will publish on "Kampokngku", a story of a Selakau Kampong and their uniqueness.

For kaki pancing, Lundu known as a type of skinny fish which you can easily fish on the brackish water. Thats why, most of the time I feel that Lundu has his wrong identification. Anyway, this fish is too common, smelly and only few wish to have them for their food. As for Rafflesia, its really unique, informed for Sarawak only can be found in Lundu.

However, the beaches in Lundu is a hiddden treasures for decades, most likely because of the location which is quite isolated from the highland of Lundu. Most of the times, my new friends will talk about the Lundu beach, which I first time visit in last five years. That is common anyway, we tend not to appreciate our own beauties. Believe me, Lundu beaches are much much more attractive than other beaches in Sarawak.

I am not a good story teller, but the photos below have their own story to tell how this beaches could gear up the developments in Lundu.

(i) Lundu Wet Market, sea food is the best choice here

(ii) Gunug Gading, the home for Rafflesia

(iii) A landmark at Lundu towncentre, my playground in my childish time

(i) Lundu Bazaar, no place for shopping

(ii) Another land mark of Lundu, I try to look for Rafflesia, no where to find

(iii) No shopping center, but there are lot of food center. Their specialist are on the sea foods.

(i) Lundu, here I come to witness your beautiful beach. Nowhere to park your car in weekend, always full

(ii) A family from Kuching enjoy the scenic view of the paradise

(iii) While their family members enjoy on the beach

(i) The scenic view of Siar Beach

(ii) Clear water, looking for fish anyone?

(iii) The Beach Paradise...

(i) Everybody are happy...

(ii)My lovely son are the most happy...

(i) Batang Kayan, no more as the obstruction to visit Lundu

(ii) The white sandy beach

(iii) White shirt lady with her black shirt boyfriend in business..


Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Engr.abg. Jo, i really appreciated your family gathering. Mcm saya agak susah sebab anak-anak ada aktiviti sekolahlah, tuisyenlah, church activitylah dan macam-macam lagi. Kalau tinggal satu takut pula kena cikgukah, ingcik marah...
Haiya! life cakap banyak pun tidak guna. Yg paling penting kena tahu planning, rancangkan masa untuk berjalan-jalan.

However, where is the landmark of Jambatan Batang Kayan? You kalau boleh kasih uploadkan itu gambar. I tidak tahu macam mana bentuk/rupa itu jambatan yang terkena dengan delay dia.hahahaha

Gold Arawana said...

Engr. Pakcik Toh;

Kalau tidak salah ingatan saya, orang Lundu menunggu sehingga lebih sepuluh tahun semenjak papan projek dinaikkan sehingga jambatan tersebut baru mula pembinaan. hu hu... Saya praktikal di sana semasa pembinaan...

The bridge is history, but there is nothing special as what you have at Mukah.

Anyway, I have to tender my thanks to Government for the bridge. At least I dont have to wait two to three hours at ferry point, just to celebrate my Gawai Holiday...