Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gold Arawana was on Table 23.....

Attending the formal function like this is normal for me. But this one is really different. I being invited by a friend to join him on Mukah Medical Charity Night at Kingwood Resort, a leading hotel in Mukah.

YB came in about 7.30 pm, speech by the Pengarah Kesihatan Bahagian and YB Abu Seman took about one hour and my stomach start to play his own music. However, it was not that serious as I like the way the two gentlemen gave their speech and I really concentrated on what they sayd mostly on the healthy matters.

We enjoy our food with the interesting performance by the dancers and singers. The performers, not bad but I almost feels that I enter the wrong pub. Ha ha ha....

The first dish came out but pity to the unseen heroes on the control rooms... Sorry boss...I am hungry... he he

Here are the performers, as I said...not bad apa..

YB Abu Seman Jahwie & other VVIPs officiating the function and performing the poco-poco dance for the suara emas..

Even though the contribution is just too small to proud of, Gold Arawana has shown his support to the charity night... He was on Table 23.