Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I learned on the way to the Top...

Gold Arawana on “What I learned on the way to the top”

Many would understand that to be on the top means in terms of prosperity and leading a top position in an organization. It was an orthodox explanation. However, author, Zig Ziglar has his own view on the specific meanings of “Top”. This is all about the book, “What I learned on the way to the top” which was published by Advantage Quest Publications.

According to this book which been first printing in 1999, true success can be measured in eight crucial areas of life: happiness, finances, emotional security, the quality of friendships, family relationships, sense of hope and an overall peace of mind.

This book is kept in my bookshelves for at least one year after I bought it, still in its plastic cover! Somebody may ask, why? The author, Zig Ziglar may the one that has the question mark on me. I just try to say that I am too busy with my office works and have no time to read. However, this book is just telling me that it was not an excuse for me. Mr Zig Ziglar even has answered me in his first chapter by saying, “When we do more than we are paid to do, eventually we will be paid more for what we do”. Occasionally yes, I do agree. But most of my life I just see darkness on this. I am still a long way to go, anyway!

About the book

It was early morning, at about six o’clock when I just waked up. It was a sunny day, which I supposed to enjoy my extra sleeping for holiday. It was the second day of Gawai Dayak. Try to pleasure myself, I went to my bookshelves and found this book, the book with attractive title but not the cover. Its normal right, we like to judge the book by its cover.

That is my first impression anyway! Reading on the first page, Zig Ziglar highlights on “The Bottom Line of Success” which really gives me new perception on success. Be encouraged! Be challenged! Be blessed! Be successful! Keep moving toward the top! And the bottom line of success according to the author is Zig Ziglar is pleasing God. This attracts me to read more.

It brought me to another chapter; there is no table of contents; which means that I have to read one by one to know exactly on the contents. There are one page for every subtitle and relevant Bible chapter as the footnote. Simple explanation is written on the opposite page of every subtitle. It’s easy to read, to understand and even to memorize.

Zig Ziglar gives the readers one hundred and ninety (190) valuable lesson on the way to the top; and thirteen (13) reminders that will remind the readers that they are now already on the top.

Contents of the Book

Two hundred and three chapters seem too many to read. However, the author is made it easy so that each chapter pointed to very specific idea. All the chapters are related itself to the faith, specifically related to the important chapters in the Holy Bible. Its all about building up own personalities, utilize and respect others surrounding towards achieving the eight crucial areas of life highlighted in the first page.

For leaders in the making, in what ever fields you are, this book would be among the best guidelines.


I would rate this book as three stars of overall five stars. It is however strictly based on my reading perception only. One for sure, readers will look for another Zig Ziglar’s book for future reading.

Be encouraged! Be challenged! Be blessed! Be successful!
Keep moving toward the top!

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