Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kut Canal - Unsung Hero of Dalat

Built in 1870, this man made canal is connecting Batang Oya and Batang Igan for travelers shortcut to Dalat Town. On his hey-day, Kut Canal was the main transport of Melanau Town of Dalat to Sibu. Today, it is still on his pride to serve the settlements on the region. It is even still one of water intake for the kampongs nearby.

By completion of roads and Jambatan Temenggong Mat Win (a bridge crossing Batang Oya to connect kampongs apposite of Dalat Town), Kut Canal no more a choice for transportation mode. However, it shall not lost its respect to the local as an unsung hero of Dalat. Even though it is now getting narrower and shallower, Kut Canal is still there and ever-ready to serve the peoples.

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David Chin said...

Thank you very much for sharing a little bit of history of the Mukah area.