Monday, November 14, 2011

Sedekad Bersama Angin Perubahan Mukah (Part 2)


Terendak is a Melanau conical sunhat, originally used by the fisherman and farmers which is still very popular among the community. Today, not only popular as souvenirs, it is now the identity of Mukah Town. A decade in Mukah, Gold Arawana revealed that almost every new building built in Mukah at least with a terandak doom. From the very simple structure of bus stop, to the most notable building of Menara Pehin and Recoda Building.. terendak appeared to be the new identity of Mukah. In fact, institutional buildings (e.g: Mukah Polytechnic), religious centers, and even sport facilities, terendak has shadow the original landmark of fish (a statue at Mukah Old Town to reflect Mukah as a fishing town) for the past a decade declared as a new administrative Division in Sarawak.

As an outsider, Gold Arawana predicts that architects will choose terendak for other notable projects such as UiTM Campus and Mukah New Airport in the future. It is obviously an example of good preservation of Melanau's culture. However, to many terendak in town will looked bored and no more a special attraction for Mukah. Perhaps, builders shall thinking of other traditional identity like jerunei so that it will survived the passage of time. Surpassing fish as a new landmark, the revival of terendak also mark a decade the wind of change "blowing" on Mukah to revive from a fishing village to a Smart City...

Current bird eye's view of Mukah Town, and an artist impression of Mukah as a Smart City (Credit Source:

Terendak shape built to beautify religious buildings in Mukah, Masjid Setia Raja, St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, and even the commercial buildings.

A grandstand at Medan Setia Raja Mukah. It was built for celeration of TYT Birthday few years ago.

Mukah New Bus Terminal (Right) and planned-to-be New Mukah Wet Market

A guard house at Education Department.

New State Administrative Centre for Mukah. The 5-storeys building will be the administrative centre for RECODA, an agency to lead the development of Sarawak Corridor of Renewal Energy (SCORE)

Jabatan Agama Islam (JAIS) building.

A terandak doom at the best and historical secondary school in Mukah, SMK Three Rivers.

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