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For last few weeks, everybody was busy on to safe their valuable belongings and life. A great flood, believed to be the worst since 50 years gave a big impact on the social-economy to the locals either in rural or urban areas. (A Newspaper Cutting on 31/1/2009)

A view along Jalan Balingian-Kuala Balingian after the flood disaster....
"Rezeki Datang Bergolek"

The estuary of Mukah... The fishermen busy loading their returns. After a few weeks live in fears, they are happy, they pocket a thick bundle of money, I guess...

A fish monger came to my house yesterday, brings his fresh water fish and prawns. "Ikan pahit" (Above), "Ikan Paloi" (Centre), "Udang Galah" (Below). Surprisingly, they catch it without any special tools. Its really happened in Malay parable, "Rezeki datang bergolek"...

For the last few weeks, we have no choice other than to buy the “Ice-Fish”, sell by the stingy fishmongers. I tell you that Mukah is not a good town to live. For those who thinking on saving, living in Mukah is not the right choice. Even though you can buy and enjoy the fresh fish and vegetables, it is not as cheap as what you heard five years ago. A bundle of vegetable, say “midin” that I can buy as cheap as RM 1.00 in Kuching, I have to pay double for a less quantities. The same thing happened to other needs.

It was even more terrible when water supply was cut off for at least one or two days due to flood on water intake. Everybody start quarreling and complaining for the hard time.

For a fishing-based town of Mukah and his smaller brothers’ town surroundings, the fishermen have nothing to do other than praying that God will stop the disaster. It is not surprise as the last three weekends was a busy weekends for my Church. In fact, I have to seat at the extra bench at back of the church to accommodate this extra-ordinary Christians. I guess that this should also happen to other religions and to the Mosques and Temples.

For the last few days, thanks God. The fishermen resume their routine activities, the farmers resume their planting and supply the foods for the locals, and I myself now have extra time to resume and updating my blog. Thanks God.

When I visit the wet market, there are plenty of choices for fish. Everybody seems busy on buying and selling. The estuary of Mukah River is busy on the fishermen’s tug boats, loading their return with smiles. Everybody seems happy, the fishermen pocketing thicker money, the fishmonger pocketing even thicker money, and the fish buyer (like me) can smile a little bit for a fresh and cheaper price of fish. Hey…sea foods are my favorites.

I was surprise when a fishmonger came to my house yesterday, promoting his fresh fish and prawns. Woww, the sell it on very cheap price compare to normal days. He is actually a part-time fishmonger, mongering the fish in weekends and my supplier for prawns. Furthermore, he is an Ustaz in a Government agency, among my best neighbor. I take that opportunity to interview him a bit. He informed me that it was a happy ending day after the disaster for the kampong folks. Prawns and fish are floating due to climate change. The no needs special tools to catch; some of them just used their hands and simple tools to catch it. Some even on the road side drain. It was really as what describe in a Malay parable, “Rezeki datang bergolek”!

In fact, most of the rural kampongs like Balingian and Kampung Sau are the heaven for prawn. Everybody in Mukah knows that these two places are the pool of prawns where people as far as Kuching and Miri came here for prawn fishing. It is not a surprised, due to climate change; the locals get free income from the flood disaster.

And finally the sad flood disaster, where everybody was terribly affected are now smiling. A happy ending day.

The fishermens are busy on their returns. An amazing income after the disaster. Now, the should thanks God for the disaster.

Yahoo.... It might be the word said by the "Umai" processor in Mukah Wet Market. Umai is a special dish, fresh raw fish served with special ingredients. Mukah local Sushi..

So on this happy ending story, on my today 30th birthday, I' am thinking of following my friend to joint the locals for the Prawn Fiesta in Balingian..... At least, I will really enjoy my birthday seafood dinner tonight... Woww.


Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

You memang mempunyai talent untuk jadi journalist. Hahahaaa.Good luck & good ahead with your bloging. Anyway wishing you "Selamat Hari Jadi Ke-30".
Semoga Tuhan memberi berkat dan restu kepada abg. Jo. di segi career development,kesihatan, keluarga, anak dan sebagainya.

I dah celebrated the other day second day of CNY 2009 at Sibu (Hometown) on 27.1.2009. Tidak rasa dah mahu reach ambung umur Tahun 40. Umur 40 is a challenge year to go. Hanya menyerahkan diriku kepada Tuhan di segi kesihatan saya.
Tolong jaga kesihatan kau jua. Jgn ingat muda itu tidak ada sakit. Belum dia full medical check. Mum report keluar then kau akan tahu mana satu tidak ikut spec. hahaha.
Semua barang boleh dimakan tapi sik semestinya semua itu mendatangkan manfaat kepada si pemakan.

cass said...

Harap nadai agi disaster ngacau kitai....

Anonymous said...

Betul-betul fenomena luar biasa... Selamat untuk dimakankah? Sorry, tanya je...

Kingfisher said...

Interesting! How far Mukah from Kuching? HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOLD ARAWANA!

Gold Arawana said...

Pakcik Toh;

Thanks for your advised!

Gold Arawana said...

Mr Cass;

Ya..I hope so..

Gold Arawana said...

Mr Anonymous;

Ya..Ikan dan udang tersebut selamat untuk di makan. Mereka ditangkap semasa masih hidup, lemah disebabkan oleh perubahan air semasa banjir dan kemarau.

Gold Arawana said...

Mr Kingfisher;

You can reach Mukah through 3 alternatives;

(i) About one hour by direct flight from Kuching to Mukah

(ii) Through Sibu or Sibu (other nearest Airport) and by land which take about 3 to 4 hours

(iii) Driving from Kuching to Mukah will take about 12 hours (non-stop) on my standard speeding.

You are welcome to Mukah.