Friday, February 20, 2009

The Lost Town of Penakub Bazaar

Penakub Bazaar is located about 10 km from Mukah Town. This quite town believed was one of the famous and potentially to be a develop town. However, it was before roads was constructed. The kampongs surroundings depend very much on this bazaar to buy and trade their needs. I just can imagine how busy it was, the panaromic view of its wharves and jetties, maybe it just almost similar to the Malacca Port. I am thinking too much.

With paved roads were constructed, connecting all the kampongs, the peoples choose to go to Mukah for shopping. So, this small town was slowly abandoned. The traders slowly moved their business to the town which gives them more returns and customers. The only busy time for this town is during Chinese New Year. As usual, I am not a best story-teller, the photos below will gives clearer descriptions.

Empty road, empty shop houses, and empty business. This former busy town on his heyday has lost his reign.

Almost the whole row of this shop house in Mukah town is belong to the traders who was originally from Penakub. It must be due to better business..And they are now among the most successful traders and become the respected leaders for their community in Mukah.

The almost abandoned wharves and jetties at Penakub Bazaar. It was once important for the surroundings kampongs, but now road transport become more popular.

As usual, the rural are the strong supporters for BN. Please notice the flood level on the asbestos roof.

Mulong or sago logs on the access road to Penakub Bazaar. As other places in Mukah, sago is an important industry.

More and more developments for Penakub Bazaar. But it cannot afford to stop the locals from moving to other places, mostly to fast developing of Mukah Town. The folks and business is greatly dwindling.

However, birdnest industry suddenly becomes more important in Mukah Division. This high rise buildings or "Bird's Hotel" is growing everywhere including of Penakub Bazaar area.

Some of the bazaar renovated to "Birds' Hotel". Business is no more. So, the bird's hotel gives more return.

The only building which is still well maintain. The symbol of chinese early settlement at Penakub Bazaar

This old man...maybe the second, third or fourth generation of Penakub Bazaar. Its remind me to the Baba Nyonya in Malacca. He even can fluently speaking in Melanau languages.

Another view of almost abandoned wharves.

Anyway to bring back the title? Most of the kampongs surroundings now prefer to go to bigger town for shopping...but I do believe there is still a small hope!

Oh ya... I miss some of the information, there are a lot of Penakub name in Mukah. So, don't get confused on this lost town....


Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Haiya! engr. Abg. Jo , u lupakan lagi i pun satu projek jeti kat Penakub Bazaar. Make sure next time jgn lupakan i pun baby kat every where. Itulah cinta tahu cicak jatuh sebarangan tempat sahaja. kekekeke....

Gold Arawana said...

Pakcik Toh;

Haiya...sori...sori..lupalah. You betul2 macam cicak, baby simpan sembarang saja.

Anyway saya promise you untuk keluarkan article Tanjung Manis, kamu punya baby yang lebih besar dan penting kepada jambatan-jambatan di sana....