Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Sarawak Dayak Art of Beads


Beads... Synonyms to the Dayak heritage on arts, crafts and cultures.

Dayak in Sarawak compromising of more than 20 ethnics has lot of creatives souvenirs to offer. Tattoo, is now well-known by the tourist, amazingly some of them fly for hours just to realize their dreams to have the Dayak Tattoo on their bodies.

I was first think that the souvenir sold at souvenir shop was too expensive. The price that could be the vampire to the tourist. However, it was change when I myself try to reveals on how the make it. I try to trail my best friend (actually is my wife) on her hobbies on the beads. My goodness... I will never ask about the price again! Another question coming in, either the returns is worthy compare to the times she spent for one product! Fortunately, she make some extra pocket money for this. Today, she even can "export" it to a friend in West Malaysia!

Beads are made as a small components with a small hole inside it. The smaller it is, the more expensive the souvenir will be, means more time to spend, more tidy, more beautiful and of course more quality.

Other than the products that I attached on the photos below, beads can make to anythings; tissue holder, wallet, decorative photos, bottles, bags, bracelets, rings etc......

The patterns normally depend on the creativity of the designer. It is more to the nature, living and non-living organism, which link the connectivity between the original believe of the Dayak to their creator. With the change of times and modernization of civilization, they try to harmonize the patterns with the sensitivity of other religions.

However, the beauties of the Dayak art of Beads is still maintain.

A creative chili key-chain, as well as cross for the Christian.

"Ngepan", an Iban traditional costume for the ladies. It can cost about RM 300 to RM 500 per set.

Comparison on the size of the beads to the size of a cigarette. No doubt, it needs time and patient to weave it to an accessories.

This small key-chain may cost only RM 2-RM 5.00. There is no standard price on this...

The "marek" or necklace... Only cost about RM 50-RM 80.00. Depend on the creativity of the designer.

This small multi-purpose basket may cost until RM 100.00. Expensive? Try to do it yourself!!


BerN said...

all belongs to your collection?

Gold Arawana said...

Yes Brother....I have some more in different various shape.....