Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gold Arawana visit to Saratok...

Great welcoming by District Engineer of JKR Saratok, Ir Cassidy Morris (seated 3rd, Right). His blog can be visited at Beritakitai.

Saratok, a small town located about 70km from its mother Division of Betong. This Dayak Iban majority town has a big potential to develop in terms of infrastructures and sosio-economic. The town is even bigger than Betong before its declaration as eleventh Division of Sarawak.

The landmarks

I asked the local peoples on what is special in Saratok... mppphh.. no specific answer. But it is interesting that they have a prawn statue on roadside of the main entrance to town. Other landmark are oil plantation and one type of rice which I cannot remember.

On Gold Arawana point of view...sorry for Saratokians. I believe that you have to established one icon so that the outsiders just like me knows immediately what is special in Saratok. As your mother Division of Betong, they established Rubber as its icon and I believed that it is proofed that Betong is one of the main contributor of rubber in Sarawak.

Town and Infrastructure Developments

Much more to offer by the government to provide more comfortable and realiable of the rakyat. To my friend Ir Cassidy Morris, please continue to serve your people and I believe JKR has prooven capale to take the challenge.

Tourist Attractions

As my visit is just a stop-by visit, I have very limited time to spot any tourist attractions. Anyway, the Dayak Iban Culture has been very popular for the tourists. I believe there a few tourists attractions in Saratok that obviously has big potential to further promote as tourist attraction.

Politicial View

Krian is one of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) seats in just concluded 10th State Election. Whoever their elected representative assemblyman, we have to respect their choice. And the development of infrastructures of Saratok shall be continue. As rural area normally are "fix deposit" to the rulling government, there must be a "hiding" reason(s) on why they choose them. There must be some desire(s) that cannot be fullfilled and they really want it. I cannot further comments on this because Im not a politician and even not qualified to comment as Im just an outsider of this constituency.

Question Mark by Gold Arawana

Interseting to see this small town have a traffic light in the middle of the town. I believe that the town is not as small as what the outsiders think. In Sarawak, traffic light is a symbol of development. Its mean that the locals has good income where they capable to own a car. Its also can be mean that most of the kampungs and longhouses already connected by road. This is my personnal point of view, anyway and not reflecting the view of Sarawakians.

The only question mark is that; there are lot of Inns and Hotels... A question mark that has interesting to hear the answer.

Thanks Ir Cassidy, for your great welcomes. Interesting to know further about Saratok. Your clear points on developing your hometown in terms of infrastructures is a great moment, too good to forget.

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Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of my roomate (unimas 99-02)..he has done a lot for people since being an C.E