Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kampokngku - Gold Arawana at Kg Siru Longhouse

One for album... Gold Arawana with the JKKK Kg Siru, proud to be part of them..

Kg Siru Dayak, located about 100km from capital city of Kuching, just few minutes driving distance from beach town of Sematan and even a few minutes walking distance from the popular bidayuh salako longhouse of Kampung Pueh. This is where I grown and get my early education. For about 30 years, tremendous development has change this small kampung to a bigger kampung as it now. Up to date, I predict that more than 60 individual houses, and still keep counting. Im even dreaming to built my own kampung house here.

Kg Siru longhouse accomodate about 6 to 7 families is originally a wooden structure. The upgrading and total renovation to the longhouse is done through the initiative of the locals to promote their traditional identities.

So,why do the youngsters attracted to stay at their kampung, compare to some places where the youngsters prefer to work at town and get easier income? I believe that the youngsters still believe that their land still can offer them a better live. Anyway, by the tremendous grows of the population, I believe that one day their land and even they will no more relies on the "good offer" by the kampung. They need more land indeed!

Salako tradition of celebrating Gawe

No serious study being done to the various gawe celebration by the Bidayuh salako. Totally different in culture and even the way we celebrate it. Just to name few like Narakng, Ngabayatn, gawe uma, gawe batenek, gawe basunat, gawe ngampar gane....all normally celebrate on June. With one reason, the state government declaration of Gawai Public Holiday on 1st and 2nd June every year. This is where the families group together and celebrates their most important celebrtation.

Celebrating Gawe at Kampung Siru dayak
According to Councillor En Selian Jister, there will be a grand celebration on 1st June, 2011 centralized at the longhouse. The whole day celebration expected to attract more than 1000 visitors and participants of various activities.

One of the most attractive will be a symbolic celebration of traditional old ways to built the main pier of the longhouse. For our friend from ethnic Dayak Iban, its sound to be a normal celebration. However for Dayak Bidayuh Salako, it will be a once in a blue moon celebration.

Other Attractions
Kampung Siru Dayak is surrounded by few attractive places for a must visit by the tourists. Some of the places can be visited at redgoldarawana here or here.

Other cultural events like Pesta Narakng, and a first time international cultural fest will be held at Kampung Pueh. A little knowledge about Salako culture can be visited at redgoldarawana here.

They needs fund
To organize such a big function means need more money. So, to the youngsters...those who work overseas and get extra income are encourage to contribute to the JKKK. I believe that the younger generation of Kampung Siru Dayak will fully support the JKKK or whatever Salako traditional celebration to preserve our identity.

For Gold Arawana, he love his kampung... contributing in term of RM is just a small matter of supports. Moral supports in term of participating and promoting is his main agenda.

So, to those interested or even to contribute fund can call the organizing chairman, Councillor Selian Jister at +60198546305 for further clarifications.


Gold Arawana present his small contribution to Councillor Selian Jister for Gawe Celebration on 1/6/2011.

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