Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dayak Salako - The Lost and Found Tribe in Sarawak (Part 6)

Gold Arawana on Gawe Adat Ba'taah

"Gawe Adat Ba'taah" is a celebration of blessing to a new born baby. For this gawe held in Kg Siru on 11.05.2011 was for a mix Salako-Iban young parent to their nine-months son. The Gawe is considered small celebration with the offering of seven (7) cocks. For bigger celebration, a pig is offered. Others like "tumpik", "po'ek", "bontokng" are also prepared in medium size depending on the expectation of guests. As their religion is Christian, salutation to this young parent on the celebration, as they still maintain the Dayak Salako culture on blessing their son. On Gold Arawana point of view as a believer of Jesus Christ too, you are on the right way...


The first photo is showing Ketua Kampung (Kampong Chief), Nek Akang Lani on his offering. The far view (not very clear) is Nek Usu Jimi, one of the eldest man in Siru.

The second photo, is one of the young generation man, Utoh@Miya who has the clear potential of continue the traditional celebration of Gawe in Salako culture.

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