Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Travel by Air Asia- Miri to Kuching...

Flying by Air Asia Airbus from Miri Airport, a second largest city of Sarawak to Kuching International Airport, Borneo's Largest City was a new experience for me. The 30 photos below will no need my further explanation as they will be the best story-teller for my journey...


Miri Airport. The largest Airport in Northern Sarawak which links the rural areas to the Oil City. On far view is an ATR plane which connect the city to other Division in Sarawak as well as Sabah and Brunei. A smaller plane known as twin-otter connect the city to rural stolport as well as Mukah Division.

The modern Miri Airport is located about half an hour driving from the City Centre. Offshore flights for Shell is one of their major customer.


About five to ten minutes after departs, scatered private houses, longhouses and small farms can be seen nearby the airport. From my view, most of them still connected by unpaved road. There is noway to fly above Miri City as it is laid towards northern coastal area.

Open burning for a small scale farmer in Sarawak considered normal.

About fifteen minutes later, the land looks belong to plantation. Plantations can be seen for another fortyfive minutes before I can see the beautiful Damai Beach, in Kuching Divison

Clear boundary. Coastal area belong to the small-scale farmers, and rural areas belong to plantations.

As we fly higher, clear view of scattered settlements. That is the common excuse on the difficulties for government to serve them with basic facilities.


Half of the journey, my camera only captured on the natural white carpets. To my eyes, they are too beautiful....

On some areas, the view still can be seen but too small to capture.

Extreme plantations on the hilly areas can be seen clearly... I dont have any ide on the actual location, but I strongly believed it is somewhere at Bintulu Division.

Thicker & Bigger Clouds... Ready for turbulence... Fuhhhh...

Another clear boundary between the plantations and small-scale farmers' land

For all Air Asia flights, "lelongan" on air is normal...


From Bintulu to Mukah area, we have the chance to fly above the South China Sea. The ships and gas platforms are too small to be seen on the photo.

Mukah Town. As it is growing bigger, Mukah can easily spot through its small airport and famous Mukah Polytechnic.


Batang Rajang, the longest river in Malaysia...

Estuary of Batang Rajang, the famous and development of Tanjung Manis as new industrial areas for Sarawak can be seen here.

Damai & Santubong; one of the famous beautiful beaches for Sarawak.

Most of the coastal area of Sarawak is surrounded by swamp. The natural artist is paving her own story on the swamp beach.


We are ready to land...

Again, we were served with another view on scattered settlements. This time I believe is in Samarahan Divison..

The Northern part of Kuching City can be seen here. Settlements can be seen along the Sungai Sarawak...

On far view is Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). There is rumours that Borneo's tallest building to be name as Kuching Tower will be build next to it...


On the right, near view is 1st Silicon, one of the biggest electronic factory in Kuching.

Kuching City, the largest City in Borneo island.

Newly developed housing estate near to the airport... Some says that housing sales in Kuching are too expensive...

The near view are Stutong Resettlement Scheme, and the far view are modern housing estate.

Newly completed Stutong-Kuching Airport Link Road....

Finally, we safely landed at Kuching International Airport. On Far view is Fire Fly plane, another alternative that connect the Peninsular Malaysia with Sabah and Sarawak.....

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