Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was given a VCD as souvenir from a Sabahan friend. He said that I will know a little knowledge about Kadazan culture, a dominant tribe in Sabah. At first I am not aware on the specialty of the VCD because I used to watch the Sumazau Dance for a few times on television.

After watching it, I realize that the fantastic and difference on the VCD is the music instruments. Please imagine that all the instruments are hand made from natural products mainly of bamboo. It really impressed since it was totally different from other races in Malaysia. The guitar or bass guitar even hand made!! Amazing. I guess, but maybe it just a decoration on a ready made modern guitar. I really can hear soft and harmonically sweet melodies, a whisper to visit the state synonyms to the “Land below the Wind”.

To visit Sabah especially to its beautiful islands, white windy beaches and hiking the famous Gunung Kinabalu is my ever dream. So I have to save money now as my next holiday will be in Sabah, depending on my "Kepala Agung"....

If you try to find something different, I would recommend this VCD. The price as shown on the cover is just RM 19.90, with an “Original” stamp by KPDN & HEP. This is fare enough for this 5 stars rate on my personnel rating.

A group of street artist performs their bamboo instruments at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

Thumps up and congratulation to the Sabahans on the efforts to train the younger generation on your fantastic culture. I know the Japanese and some tribes in Africa are promoting their bamboo orchestra, and now I am proud that Malaysian also has the same to be proud of.

One of the song in the VCD. I love the young musicians and their harmonic melody.

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