Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Teamworks - A lesson from the Ants

1. First Movement

If you want to move, you must have your clear MISSION before your first step, and enough men to work WITH you. Give them trust and leadership by example.

2. Secondary Mission

Prepare an alternative for your primary mission. At least you get something, and you will not too upset on your failure. Anyway, you are not failure. You are champion, try to taste something NEW.

2. Obstruction

Nobody could stop you from achieving your goals. Be in teamworks, your obstruction will be easy to remove.

3. Contenders

Size does'nt matter. If possible to get your men involve. Go back to Principle 2. Please remember, "THE BEST MEN WIN"

4. Find ways to achieve your goals

Goals will not achieved relying only on menpower. Used your leadership power to decide the best way to achive your goals. Give your best and briliant ide to them. Try to involve everybody so that they feel important.

5. Profit Sharing

Share your profit. You achieved you goals through teamworks, and your men are eligible to enjoy the profits. Next assignment, they will gratefully assisst you with better performance.

6. Bonus

If your team really works, you HAVE CHANCES to find something extra. And again Rules 5 have to maintain. Please remember that everybody love APPRECIATION and BONUS.



Apai Deff said...

I likes the photo no.2 - secondary mission. The cigarette kinda familiar... :lol

Gold Arawana said...

Ha ha Boss;

You are the first to make comment to my articles. I will be happy if you keep commenting for my improvement. Thanks.