Sunday, October 19, 2008


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Here are my aquarium fish collection. I'am not yet stop and still continue collecting....

Name: Big Mouth Ara
Yellow tail Arawana. His daily meal is small fresh fish. Amazingly, his favourite meal are, cockroaches, lizards and grasshopper. In one day, he can eat at least five (5) adult lizards alive!

Name: Shiny Biawan
Mukahan call it Biawan. Grow well in swampy fresh water. Look like a species of Talapia. Originally black colour but change it colour to silver significantly to adobe to the treatment water.

Name: Rough Pinky
I call my eldest kaloi Pinky because of its colour. His daily meal is ordinary fish feed. Anyway, he can eat almost anything; fresh fish, meats, vegetables, breads, insects and even cockroaches and lizards. Some believed that this fish can grow as big as 5 kilogram and can live until more than 20 years. It is advised that this type of fish have to put inside a very thick aquarium, or otherwise he will broke it into pieces.

Name: Kampong Boy
He is my younger kaloi, imported from Julau, Sarawak. It can grow bigger than the town kaloi. Attractive look on its lines of scales.

Name: Fashionable Boeing
I get this fish from a relative from Sibu. This fish live independently in drainage in Sibu Town. Look alike puyu, but have bigger head, big eyes, small mouth and a line on its body. I call it Boeing because it likes to land on the aquarium base like airplane. He like whenever I took her photo, that’s why I call her fashionable Boeing.

Name: Shy Sepat
Sepat is local name for this fish. I don’t have any idea on this fish anyway, some call it Kaloi Sabah. It has doted on their body. She is a very shy type of fish and always hiding at others whenever I come closer. She has a very small mouth and I wondering on how she eat? I guess that she eat others s**t. He he…

This is not my collection anyway, this fish are for my Arawana.

Name: Tough Warrior Puyu
This fish live in most drains in Malaysia. Some believe that puyu can give you cool atmosphere in your home. Can you believe that puyu head still can swim a few minutes after you chop them? Perhaps, puyu is the easiest fish to feed, just nice for pet. This fish is delicious for masak lemak anyway. He he

Name: Greedy Toman
This fish can grow up to 14 kg (Thailand species). Like Puyu, this fish also can live anyway in fresh water. Do not put too much food for him, because he will eat it all in a second...

Name: Ugly Bakut

This fish is given to me by a Melanau friend from Mukah. A quite fish with less movement. His job is to help me to clean the aquarium.


End of My Aquarium Fish Collection...

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