Saturday, November 15, 2008

BOOK REVIEW on "Daring To Be Yourself"

DARING TO BE YOURSELF by Peter Shepherd was published by Inkstone Press, Australia in 2007.

What make me going to buy this book was because of my personal internal war, I always dreaming and hoping of changes to my surroundings, almost everything, from family matter to the office to the country and to a better world. And most people like me are just a good follower, and seldom opposed on what we don’t like to be happened to us. That’s why, most of the time, most of the things, feels that I am being bullied by others.

This author, starts his pen with his own great history of life, try to be this but become that. And it was not easy as he has to pass obstructions. This was interesting reading, before he transforms his idea into other chapters. For sure that reader will not stop on his bibliography, or even not realized that he has entering the new chapter.

Motivational book is not easy to read, first time reading will not give much impression until several readings on chapters which most related to my case for a few times. Of course it gives lot of findings, ideas even braveness to fight my internal wars.

However, this book will work better if attend the author motivation course (if any). As some of the idea is spontaneous, it might not work for those who are in dilemma. But it will work for those in the making himself a better man, or already have the recipes in hand but still finding the right moves. The readings however suitable for councelling and workshops on self developing.

Anyway, I like and agreed the Author’s words on this;

“Life for most people has evolved to the point where we find ourselves stuck with few choices. Life is stressful because we find ourselves unsatisfied with the way we feel, doing things most of the time that we don’t really want to do, and not achieving the things we actually want to achieve. As individuals we tend to get swallowed up.”

My rating on this book is 4 out of 5, but I strongly recommend for those who try to find your real you.

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