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The two scenario

The weary river in the middle of the city. This river is the oldest witness for the growing of Kuala Lumpur, from a green jungles to a wooden settlement, and now to a compact and busy city. It was once (I believed) the most important for both as transportation and human needs, but now he is enemy to the city.....

The great developing on Dataran Merdeka. The Wawasan 2020 is still another 11 years to go. Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding has achieved it in terms of development. The question of either the rural area mostly in Sabah and Sarawak to achieved the same is a big question marks...

A Diary of a Traveller

This is not my first trip to Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, I am a traveler, only stay for two or three nights in this “mud city”, therefore I will restricted myself to highlight or too much description so that I will not give the wrong story. For those who are familiar and not familiar with this capital city of Malaysia, we will hear different stories.

I went to Kuala Lumpur with one mission, to bring my family for a holiday, bring backs the sweet memories, great experience and beautiful souvenirs. I start to dream on the beautiful experience that I will get from this beautiful and modern city, which is the description that I always heard.

I used MAS from Sibu to KLIA which take about 2 hour’s trip. This may look a very long trip, but I was so busy caring on my one year old boy. Arrived at the Malaya area, I always impressed with beautiful islands which covered with its white sand beach and surrounding with blue ocean of South China Sea. I try to notice the location, most likely at Pahang or Terengganu.

Arrival at KLIA is amazing; take us about 15 minutes to the hanger. It actually gives chance for the passenger to look around this one of best airport in the world. From the hanger to the taxi counter, another problems coming in. I have to walk for about half an hour, my baby on my right hand side and his luggage on my left hand side. It is not a passenger friendly, isn’t it? Anyway, the ticketing counters, as well as the guards and salesgirls stalls at the airport look friendly and talkative. Overall, KLIA actually is an amazing modern airport, no doubt about that.

The Airport Taxi from KLIA to LCCT (Low Cost Airport) takes me a short trip, or I am not realized my trips as my taxi driver is friendly and talkative. The surroundings are mostly covered by oil palm plantation which gives an impressive view. At LCCT, this old airport is under renovation where the works is well in progress. It looks chaotic with the dust and chairs are scattered everywhere. It was nod too bad actually, as this will be better when completed. What I most like is that I can smoke everywhere. All the smokers are doing that. I wait for 20 minutes before my wife arrived.

The bus takes us to KL Sentral where we will take LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan where my relative is staying. This local bus is cheap compare to taxi; the condition is not bad which provide nice view along the journey. Anyway, taxi is the best choice for first arrival. Too tired for transit, luggage, human jam, perfumes, etc. Anyway, it was a very nice experience.

First day

Petaling Street, where you can find almost everythings.

We went out quite late as my boy or even me myself wake up quite late. Our target is to visit Central Market and Petaling Street in the morning and KLCC and Dataran Merdeka in the afternoon. Yeah, Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city, properly plan for a city in the garden. I like the concept. At Central Market is a warehouse for souvenirs with fair price. Petaling Street is located opposite to Kota Raya, one of modern Shopping Complex in this area. Here you can visit all the little stalls, which they have placed in the middle of the street. Almost everything is for sale here: video-tapes, cd's, copy watches (Rolex, Gucci, Cartier, Breitling etc.), t-shirts (Nike, Reebok, Billabong, Quicksilver etc.), dvd's, socks, belts, bags, purses and much more. It was too congested anyway!

And I take my lunch at the street stall. The food is nod bad for budget travelers.

From Pasar Seni, we took the LRT from Pasar Seni Station to KLCC. Again, it was too congested. Luckily, an Indian man gives me his seat for I am carrying my sleeping boy. Thanks man. For other trips, I was given special seat by the generous city folk. Than I realize that this is their culture and shows their caring on public transport users. For those who think that the city folks are selfish, it must be refer to some of them. This is my first time to use the public transport after 15 years anyway.

At KLCC, everybody will be amazed to be at this world tallest twin tower, and former world No.1 skyscraper. Other than the modern buildings, the environments friendly are also the major attraction to this building. In fact, I myself was introduced to the newly found species of trees.

It was about 5 pm when we walk from Pasar Seni Station to Padang Merdeka. We are too tired, spent our leisure time on the sunset. Very nice view, especially when the local authority starts to lighting up the area. My boy was the most happy on this visit.

On the way back, we used another transit bus. Wow…this time the passengers are full like a can of sardine. Most of them are Bangla. They are not as good as I hope, seating at their seats, speaking with their odd language. Some of them are drunk. So the bus was full with different smells. I was standing until the bus conductor asks one of the Bangla to consider giving me his seat, and he was. On the end of tiring trip, my Boy taking his deep sleeping. And that night I end my night time on few bottles of Stout. I slept at 5 am.

Second Day

Boats are waiting at Putrajaya lake for cruise.

I was thinking that Putrajaya is a waste and a white elephant. My first step at Putrajaya tells a different story. Nobody, I believed will say that this is a white elephant project. This mega project during our former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed is a real 21st Century City, which balanced the developments and environments. A unique architecture, amazing engineering works and beautiful landscapes tells its own story of great and brilliant idea of developing Malaysia to Develop Nation in year 2020.

Taking lunch at Putrajaya and lake cruise is the best to feels the beauties of its environment. The price, RM 20.00 per head per trip is just fare. Do not try to bargain on it. The public bus, so called Nadi Putra is just approximately RM 1.00 per head for the whole trips from Putra Central – Tasik Putra – Putra Sentral. This tourist friendly bus is just comfortable, and nobody will argue on this. I try to used train from Putra Sentral to KL but the fare for RM 10.00 per head is too expensive compare to bus which offer only RM 2.00 per trip.

The land mark for Kuala Lumpur, KL Tower.....

My next trip is to KL Tower. After along walk around Dataran Putra, we were too tired to walk to KL Tower. And we just enjoy the beautiful sunset at Dang Wangi Station. And again It was a really tiring trips but worthy.

Human jam is everywhere. How to know which one is good and bad one? Or which one is Malaysian or PATI?

Of course, my trip is not complete, because there are still a lot of interesting places that KL offered. On its beauty, there are still a lot of Black and White lives in Kuala Lumpur. The infrastructures, the public transports, the developments, the landscapes, the tourist attraction places are rated on first class. Why I called it Black & White are because of the overflow of foreigners (I mean not the legal or professional foreigners), second class minded of the citizen on the cleanliness and drivers attitude, beggar and etc. I was shock that some of the taxi driver are foreigners. On how they get the permits, driving license, etc..etc.. is a big question marks! I dont care on this until they try to charge me almost double.... ha..ha.. I am not that stupid.......The public transport are goods, but it could be better improvement.

The most important, on my opinion is the involvement of the Malaysian on our own country's economy and business. Is this one of the highlighted issue in Wawasan 2020? Than it should be..

Billboards, advertisements are almost everywhere; bridges, traffic signboards, lighting post and even traffic lights. Its good and natural.... but can anybody cares about it? Especially on the illegal.

No doubt that KL is a must visit place in Malaysia, but as a Malaysian I feels that KL should show the example for other major Malaysian cities like JB, Penang, Ipoh, Kuching or KK. Being working in rural area of Sarawak, and my hometown at a small city of Kuching, there is still a big ravine to cross. Kuala Lumpur, or bigger city is not a place for me. Than I should go back.....

After 2 weeks in Malaya, I feel home sick. I start to missed my office, my home, my pets, my garden, etc.. On my last day in KL, I gain another great sad experience. I have to pay RM 180.00 for my luggage at KLIA. Ha ha ha.

Pedestrian walked passes a tourism board on Mulu, Sarawak. I am proud of it...

When my flight above the Sarawak land, I feel great. I realize that Sarawak, my home town is always the best. Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city, great developments, great buildings, great highways and transports infrastructure. Anyway, only Sarawak can offer me both my color dreams and realities.

This old man is sitting on a pedestrian bridge at Pudu Raya. He must be hoping for Kuala Lumpur luck for long time. Again, he is a Malaysian, begging in his own country while the foreigneirs enjoy the wealthy....

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