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Kayaking – The Best Way to Explore Mukah Beauties

Batang Mukah, holding the most secrets of Mukah, a second younger Division in Mukah.

Mukah Division located in the central coastal of Sarawak, Malaysia was declared as a new division in 2002. Mukah, famous and well known by the Sarawakians for their long term fourth Chief Minister of Sarawak is the state assemblyman for Mukah. With its well planning town, Mukah is transforming significantly from a fisherman village to a future Smart City of Sarawak.

Even on its great development, with roads and other infrastructure is well connected almost all the kampongs, river is still maintain its popularity as an alternative for transport. In fact, sago logs, one of the main products from Mukah are mostly still transport by river. Batang Mukah is the main river that originally connected Mukah to the other parts of Sarawak. Most of the settlements are along this river and no doubt keeps most of the secrets of Mukah. Mukah town itself is growing on the estuary of this river.

Jerunei, a Melanau ancient graveyard

Kayaking from a smaller river, Sg Misan to Sg Tellian and end at the Mukah Old Town, which take approximately 2 hours will give a lot of experience and natural views. This may look like a long time, but the surroundings are so impressive, that the kayakers won't notice the long ride. Sg Misan, once was the major source for treated water supply before the relevant authorities change its source to bigger river to accommodate the demands. Along this river are the sago farms which laid almost both sides of the rivers up to another river called Sg Tellian. The natural views and sounds as well as the panoramic view of Melanau traditional kampongs will provide a complete visit to Mukah. Along the river, the kayakers will meet the sago farmers transporting their sago at a traditional ways.

A tourist at Lamin Dana, a Melanau cultural resort

Sg Tellian was one of the oldest settlements in Mukah. Along this river are traditional Melanau kampongs and sago factory. Some kampongs are still using their traditional tools to process sago. Jerunei (Melanau ancient graveyard) and famous Lamin Dana (A mini museum and Melanau traditional resort) is located along this river. The kayakers even can stop at the locations to see closer on the uniqueness and buy souvenirs or traditional crafts from the kampongs along the rivers. Some of the Jerunei believed to be more than 100 years old.

The journey will end at the main river, Batang Mukah where the Mukah Old Town is located. Along this river are the fisherman’s boats, the major economic activity that rejuvenating the development of Mukah.

"Kuda", a traditional tools to transport sago logs

The kayaking itself will give the conclusion about Mukah. From its traditional sago farming and inland fishing to the modern selling and buying businesses in town, where the rivers still play important roles on all the activities.

The photos attached are telling a better story on the river kayaking. The photos were contributed and taken by Hipani Alwi ( ), during our exploration through the rivers.

1. The participants kayaking through the floating sago bundles
2. Sg Tellian at Kampung Tellian
3. Mukah Old Town

1. Sago logs at Sg Misan
2. A sago farmer at Sg Misan
3. A young Sago tree

1. Villagers on their daily activity
2. Natural beauties at Kampung Tellian
3. Natural beauties along Sg Misan

Natural Beauties Along the exploration

Mukah is connected by daily flight from Kuching, and well connected by roads (some are under upgrading) from Sibu and Bintulu, another two major towns in Sarawak, Malaysia......

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