Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was on traveling and visit a beach at Matu, Sarawak. The sunset is amazing, but the beach itself is not that attractive where waste logs and debris are everywhere. This is not shocking as the beach on this area is collecting waste from a few rivers in the central region of Sarawak. Furthermore, the beach is surrounded by swamp areas where it creates a dirty look on the sand. This site is being gazette by the local government for a Melanau traditional celebration called Pesta Kaul. So at least once a year, the beach is tidy up by the locals before the celebration. I can imagine that it will look more attractive. Unfortunately, it was only lasting for not more than seven days in three hundred and sixty five days.

While enjoying the sunset, my eyes caught an attractive occurrence which was actually normal for the animals’ desire. A group of cows are enjoying their evening dish on green grass when one of them is trying to climb on the other one (I predict that the male is on the above, the one trying to climb). Luckily I am able to snap photo on the scenario. Looking back at the photo reminds me to hot news on the self-made pornographies and porn videos involving the locals and even the under-age student. I try differentiating the difference; I mean the human and animals behavior on this. Yes it is, the animals have the brain but they are not able to use it for thinking, meanwhile human have given brilliant brain which they supposed to use it for brilliant thinking. Unfortunately, they were not, or they overused it! The rest…it was equally the same. After all, they are mammals anyway, just like the human beings.

Nowadays, there is a lot if not hundreds or thousands of porn websites where I actually sometimes accidentally crossing on it. He he, its okay for adults anyway and it is normal. But for the under-age, happened in the classroom at a rural school and still in school uniform was really terrible. This case was published in a local newspaper sometimes in October this year. I try to find the video and judge it by my own eyes but luckily I was failed.

It was not the first case actually; even there are thousands on the internets. They are either school students, university students, in the public park, inside the car, in hotels and so many locations with sometimes showing their advance and modern skills. Government has blocked most of them, but the now advance handphones is the new way to do this 'good return' business.

If it was under-age, why should not take action on that? It was considered as a rape case what? Even the school was reported has take action on the “junior porn star” by kicking them out from the school, which was totally wrong punishment! When the relevant agency comes to investigate, they even cannot find their footprints! This reflects the ineffectiveness of the way they settled the case. Why should investigate where prove and evidence is already cleared. Just bring them to the jail and punish them immediately! If they are not punished, than many more will be following later. Or worst come to worst, don’t ask them to used their school uniform or censored the school batch or censored the face, or etc, etc for next shooting... at least.

My conclusion is that, sex is normal which everybody like it either male or female. For those who dislike it, or not even have no desire to try it, they are considered as abnormal. Some or maybe majority will be agreeing on this. Porno industries are now become normal although it is not officially declared normal. But the animals’ attitude, which adapted to the human attitude on this matter, is abnormal. I always believed on the nature is the best teacher, but for sex… do it on personal business, behind the closed door…By the way, I don’t think the 'amateur porn star' gain any benefit from that. The CD pirates, the salesman is the one most benefit. Opps…and also the viewer of course. On Gold Arawana opinion, the amateur also should get it as what the professional star get…If not, they are entitle to claim it from the 'generous' cameraman. Full stop.

So dude, next time be careful. Cameras now are so cheap where we can find it everywhere.


Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Brother Minjo, haiya! wild sex you
also upload. What happen to the cow? What action? haaa..

But the moral behind is everybody need sex to awet muda. According to one article i had readed before.

Gold Arawana said...

This article is just a bucking to wake up our community on this matter...Thanks for your comment, Brother

Hikaru Eikichi said...

heyyyy!!!! mana ada lupa...ney boleh aku lupa kau!!!!
never lupa ngan kau la my fren....
MINJO sahabatku... ;-)
makin cute kau knek tok.

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Hahaaa. Minjo kuat manja nampaknya cute juga. Better maintain u pun weight.

Gold Arawana said...

Thanks so much...brothers & Sisters... Keep in Touch.

Hikaru... I am going to link your blog to my blog...Minta kebenaran..Pakcik Toh yang ajar... He he