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It was 15 years since my last trip to Malacca in 1995. On that time, I am not sure either the Malacca being honors as a city. But now, for sure great developments appear almost all surroundings the Bandar Hilir. But I have to thumps up to the local government for enduring the most valuable and pride of Malacca, the historical buildings.

My trip from Pudu Raya, Kuala Lumpur was a bored trip where surroundings are billboards and plantations. What to do, in the name of development, we have to sacrifice our natural beauties. I have no doubt on that. There is no point to be surrounded by jungles and our citizens live in purity but with poverty.

It just a 2 hours trip, from KL to Malacca using PLUS (one of major link highway in West Malaysia) compared to my previous trip which take 4 hours using the now-standard Sarawak Road. I hope that Sarawak also will have a proper highway very soon.

No change. That is my first words when we drive through PLUS toll to the Malacca city. As before, the road is still two lanes but with additional few traffic lights that I cannot remember their existence during my previous trip. On my right and left are Malay kampongs with still in their traditional wooden architecture kampong houses. Now, I have to thump ups up my first respect to the local Malay. For those which are not familiar with their culture, the Malacca Malay has a very unique architecture.

I arrived at Masjid Tanah, I don’t know how it gets it names. It just a small town, but complete with basic infrastructures, banks and modern shophouses. At least, I can found KFC restaurant and a supermarket there. Not bad. My friend fetches me five minutes after my arrival and brings me to his house in Paya Rumput.

And the journey to the famous and historical city which drives to the early formation of Malaysia began. My friend stops me at Medan Pahlawan, a one stop for a collection of Malacca history. I am amazing with all the changes on the surroundings, and I get lost of course. Don’t know what to do next in raining.

I just walking to a place name Bukit St Paul, apologized me if I got wrong on the name. Luckily, the guards on one of the museum show me the direction. Wow, amazing… Its totally different landscapes in 15 years ago. But, all the interesting historical buildings are still there. My second thump ups to the local government. I saw in one advertisement at one of old trees. I don’t want to describe, just look at the photo below. Ha ha..a very clear instruction..

I walked around, go up and down the hill to the St.Paul Church. I am not lucky, because all the museum being closed, it was almost 5, I realized. However, believed me, that the surroundings perhaps much better than the artifacts in the museum. The Medan Pahlawan is a real live museum.

At A Famosa, I take famous Beca Melaka (trishaw), walking around in one hour. Only RM 40.00, expensive but actually cheap compare to the experience that I gained. My trishaw driver is talkative, giving me a lot of information about Malacca. He explained a lot about the Tukang Emas Street, Hang Jebat Mouseleum, Masjid Keling and Temples. To all Malaysian, please come to Malacca history where Mosque, Hindu temples, and Buddhist temples in one row. That is us before the colonies came. So, now, stop quarrels each other please.

All the way back to Medan Pahlawan, I enjoy the narrow roads and old town of Malacca which mostly sell the antiques. Some roads that I can remember are Jalan Tukang Besi, Jalan Tukang Emas, and a modern name which they called Jonker Street.

The newly completed Medan Pahlawan, is a shopping complex like no other place in Malaysia. That is the best description that I can describe. It’s an exclusive shopping complex, but a tourist friendly which compromised of hundreds small budget stalls. I have to lend the Air Asia motto, Now Everyone Can Buy..

My perception to Hang Tuah is now change, as other modern Malaccan thinks as well. The respect either should be given to Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat is perplexity. I start to think that Hang Jebat is right. Why should I defend my master for the wrong things? Or, are my master will back me if I got wrong after pouring my whole life for him?

For A Famosa, I remember the ancient Portuguese, are they wrong or the wrong things should be pointed to the local leaders? Another perplexity to me. For sure, Christiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese is my favorite Manchester United star. The answer is, we should not
point our wrong history to the history. Try to change or improve our life through the history, than you will see your brighter future. We cannot change history, but previous history is our future history.
So, I end my first day in Malacca with a nice sleep, dreaming what can I do I were here during the heyday of Malacca.......

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